Prevent Anydesk from Autostarting in Ubuntu

A simple command to remove Anydesk from Autostarting in Ubuntu or in any other Ubuntu based distro.

Currently, I’m running Linux Kubuntu 20.04.

Recently, I installed Anydesk and noticed that it was starting automatically after booting up. And, it wasn’t even visible in the Autostart manager options.

So, it was a real challenge to prevent Anydesk from autostarting.

I tried looking on Google but couldn’t find any meaningful resource on that – none whatsoever.

After digging up a bit, I found a very simple solution myself and here it is.

Open your Terminal and run the below command:

sudo systemctl disable anydesk.service

And, as soon as you run the above command, Anydesk will be removed from Autostarting.

That’s it.

Pretty simple, right?

If you have a better solution or if you are facing any difficulty running the command, feel free to leave a comment right now.

Also, share the article with the people who you think might need it.

By Deepak K

I develop business strategies and write about marketing & technology.

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