70+ Deadliest Computer Viruses [List]

As soon as a new computer virus gets detected, security advisory organizations start sprinting to find out the type of the virus and build a security system that could tackle it.

And, it’s known to all that computer viruses are “dangerous” – they can lock, delete or steal all your important data from the device in a moment which you worked for your whole life.

People have witnessed some of the most dangerous computer viruses which I will be listing out below.

And, besides their names, I will also be listing out their other name, types, and isolation dates.

So, here we go…

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Deadliest Computer Viruses

Dangerous Computer Viruses List

Virus Other Names Type of Virus Isolation Date
1260 V2Px DOS 12-Jun-1905
4K 4096 DOS 1-Jan-1990
5lo DOS 1-Oct-1992
Abraxas Abraxas5 DOS,
Windows 95, 98
Acid Acid.670, Acid.670a, Avatar.Acid.670, Keeper.Acid.670 DOS,
Windows 95, 98
Acme DOS,
Windows 95 DOS
ABC ABC-2378, ABC.2378, ABC.2905 DOS 1-Oct-1992
Actifed DOS
Ada DOS 1-Oct-1991
AGI-Plan Month 4-6 DOS
AIDS AIDSB, Hahaha, Taunt DOS 12-Jun-1905
AIDS II DOS circa 1990
Alabama Alabama.B DOS 1-Oct-1989
Alcon[1] RSY, Kendesm, Ken&Desmond, Ether DOS 1-Dec-1997
Ambulance DOS 1-Jun-1990
Anna Kournikova E-Mail
ANTI ANTI-A, ANTI-ANGE, ANTI-B, Anti-Variant Classic Mac OS 1-Feb-1989
January 1994 – 1995
ARCV-n DOS 1992-10/1992-11
Alureon TDL-4, TDL-1, TDL-2, TDL-3, TDL-TDSS Windows 29-Jun-1905
Autostart Autostart.A—D Classic Mac OS 20-Jun-1905
Bomber CommanderBomber DOS
Brain Pakistani flu DOS 1-Jan-1986
Byte Bandit Amiga 1-Jan-1988
CDEF Classic Mac OS 12-Jun-1905
Christmas Tree 1-Dec-1987
CIH Chernobyl, Spacefiller Windows 95, 98, Me 1-Jun-1998
Symbian Bluetooth worm
Creeper TENEX operating system 24-May-1905
Eliza DOS 1-Dec-1991
Elk Cloner Apple II 4-Jun-1905
Esperanto DOS, MS Windows, Classic Mac OS 19-Jun-1905
Form DOS 12-Jun-1905
Fun Windows 30-Jun-1905
Graybird Backdoor.GrayBird, BackDoor-ARR Windows 4-Feb-2003
Hare DOS,
Windows 95, Windows 98
ILOVEYOU 5-May-2000
INIT 1984 Classic Mac OS 13-Mar-1992
Jerusalem DOS 1-Oct-1987
Kama Sutra
Blackworm, Nyxem, and Blackmal
Koko DOS 1-Mar-1991
Lamer Exterminator
Amiga 1-Oct-1989
MacMag Drew, Bradow, Aldus, Peace Classic Mac OS 1-Dec-1987
MDEF Garfield, Top Cat Classic Mac OS 15-May-1990
Melissa Mailissa, Simpsons, Kwyjibo, Kwejeebo Microsoft Word macro virus 26-Mar-1999
Mirai Internet of Things 8-Jul-1905
Michelangelo DOS 4-Feb-1991
Navidad Windows 1-Dec-2000
Natas Natas.4740, Natas.4744, Natas.4774, Natas.4988 DOS 16-Jun-1905
nVIR MODM, nCAM, nFLU, kOOL, Hpat, Jude, Mev#, nVIR.B Classic Mac OS 1-Dec-1987
Oompa Leap Mac OSX 2006.02.10
OneHalf Slovak Bomber, Freelove or Explosion-II DOS 16-Jun-1905
Ontario SBC DOS 1-Jul-1990
Petya GoldenEye, NotPetya Windows 8-Jul-1905
Pikachu virus 28-Jun-2000
Ping-pong Boot, Bouncing Ball, Bouncing Dot, Italian, Italian-A, VeraCruz DOS 1-Mar-1988
RavMonE.exe RJump.A, Rajump, Jisx Worm 20-Jun-2006
SCA Amiga 1-Nov-1987
Scores Eric, Vult, NASA, San Jose Flu Classic Mac OS 10-Jun-1905
Scott’s Valley DOS 1-Sep-1990
SevenDust 666, MDEF, 9806, Graphics Accelerator, SevenD, SevenDust.B—G Classic Mac OS 1-Jun-1989
Marker Shankar’s Virus, Marker.C, Marker.O, Marker.Q, Marker.X, Marker.AQ,
Marker.BN, Marker.BO, Marker.DD, Marker.GR, W97M.Marker
MS Word 3-Jun-1999
Simile Etap, MetaPHOR Windows
SMEG engine DOS 16-Jun-1905
Stoned DOS 9-Jun-1905
Jerusalem Sunday, Jerusalem-113, Jeruspain, Suriv, Sat13, FuManchu DOS 1-Oct-1987
WannaCry Wanna, Cryptor Windows 1-Dec-2017
WDEF WDEF A Classic Mac OS 1989.12.15
Whale DOS 1-Jul-1990
ZMist ZMistfall, Zombie.Mistfall Windows 23-Jun-1905
Xafecopy Android 9-Jul-1905
Zuc Zuc.A., Zuc.B, Zuc.C Classic Mac OS 12-Jun-1905

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