Top 4 Best Programmatic SEO Courses on the Internet

Programmatic SEO is a hot term right now, more and more people are eager to learn about the topic, but there is very little (or untrustworthy) information available on the internet about it.

So to help, I went ahead and signed up for all popular programmatic SEO courses available presently. I took around 10 pSEO courses and have selected the top 4 out of them. The followings were the criteria for selecting the courses:

  • thoroughness
  • practicality
  • value for money, and
  • amount of information

Let’s take a look at the list…

List of the best programmatic SEO courses

The courses are listed here in the order of “the best” to “the good”. It means I recommend #1 more than #4.

1. Programmatic SEO OS

It was a no-brainer to list the Programmatic SEO OS at the #1 position. This is not only a course, but it also has a huge information library of pSEO-related resources.

Here’s a screenshot of the information library section of the programmatic SEO OS:

A screenshot from programmatic SEO OS

You can not only learn the fundamentals of programmatic SEO by taking the course, but it also has 5+ hours of screen-recorded videos to further help you out. Here’s precisely what it contains (directly taken from their website):

  • Text + video tutorials
  • 100+ useful datasets
  • 50+ pSEO examples
  • 60+ programmatic SEO tools
  • 30+ case studies
  • Cool people to follow

The course is priced at $180, and I think it’s the absolute value for the money. However, do visit their website for the recent pricing information.

2. Free Programmatic SEO Course

It’s a free course created by Allison Seboldt, the maker of PageFactory. It’s a 1.2-hour video course where she explains programmatic SEO in an easy-to-understand way. And if you’re a beginner in programmatic SEO, I would highly recommend taking this course.

A screenshot from free pSEO course by Allison Seboldt

In the course, she explains the topic by taking several examples, and you can see one in the screenshot above. These examples make it easier to understand the topic as a beginner.

Not to mention, this pSEO course is completely free.

3. Learn Programmatic SEO

Learn Programmatic SEO, by Preetam Nath, is a very practical course on the topic. It shows how you can set up your programmatic website in Webflow. It has around 1.5 hours of recorded videos.

The course doesn’t cover the fundamentals of programmatic SEO in detail, but if you’re already familiar with the basics, you can go with this course. It also has some interesting case studies of successful programmatic sites.

The course is priced at $49.

4. Practical Programmatic

Practical Programmatic by Ian Nuttall is another programmatic SEO course that you can take. It has ~3 hours of recorded videos explaining how to research keywords, find and clean data, create pages, and get everything indexed.

Again, this course doesn’t cover basics in detail but has amazing practical videos. So if you’re not a beginner, you might consider taking the course.

The course is priced at $300 and I found it to be a bit overpriced.

Final words

Out of all the 10 courses that I took, I found the Programmatic SEO OS to be super elaborate as it has enough theory as well as several practical videos.

But for starters, you can also take Allison’s free course on programmatic SEO.

That’s it.

If you think I should try any other pSEO course, kindly let me know in the comments below.

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