Best Useful Google Chrome Tricks

No doubt, Google Chrome is the safe, secure and fastest browser ever. Google Chrome enjoys a monopoly in the field of Internet Browsers with more that 57% of the market share.

You can take a look at these recent stats related to various Internet browsers below.

StatsCounter Browser Market Shares @ digiTechnologSource: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Market Share

In this post, I will sharing some interesting yet useful Google Chrome tricks to supercharge your workflow.

Let’s get started…

Best Google Chrome Tricks to Supercharge Your Workflow

1. Upload Any Recently Downloaded File Easily

Sometimes, while working on Chrome we need to download some images or any other files from other websites and upload it somewhere.

Ya, that’s an easy task. Download the file, open the downloaded folder, select the required file and click upload; isn’t that easy?

No, I got even easier solution than that.

When you download any file in the browser, it gets showed in the bottom bar; let it stay there and open the website where you have to upload it to.

Left click, hold and drag the file where there is the upload section and you’re done.

Let’s see an example below:

Upload Recently Downloaded file Easily

As you can see in the image above, I selected and hold the file from bottom and dragged it into the TinyPng’s upload box.

So, this way you can upload the recently downloaded file directly without leaving the Chrome.

2. Duplicate or Insert New Tab the Easy Way

Sometimes, you need to do some experiment/testing on any site you are working on without losing your progress.

In that case, just right click on the tab choose the option Duplicate Tab, Your tab will be duplicated.

When you open a new tab, it gets opened at the last but what you have to open right beside the tab you are currently working in?

Insert or duplicate tab near the tab you are wokring in

Well, you can right click on the tab you’re working in (as you did to duplicate the tab) and click New Tab, your new tab will be inserted right beside the tab you’re working in.

You get few other useful options to work with.

3. Use Google Chrome with Multiple Accounts Separately

Sometimes, your family members and your friends use your Chrome browser too OR you use Chrome with multiple Gmail accounts yourself.

In that case, it becomes really tough to manage your emails, drives etc. separately in a single browser.

Well, Google Chrome has got you covered. It provides you the ability to add multiple accounts.

Add or Remove users in Google Chrome

Go to the top right corner of the browser and there will a clickable box showing the account name you’re currently signed in with. Click on that and then go to Manage People. In the “Manage People” section, you can add new user by signing in with your Gmail account and also remove any added person.

There are many more Google Chrome tricks which can supercharge your workflow but I have mentioned here the most under-rated one.

There few tricks will considerably reduce the waste of time managing your multiple Google accounts under the same browser.

Share your thoughts in comments, I’d love to hear something from you.

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