Best Copywriting Strategies to Write Great Blog Posts

Copywriting is one of the most important skills if you’re running an online business.

Whether you’re into blogging or into any other type of content marketing, great copywriting skills can actually take your business to the next level.

The copy that you write for your readers directly or indirectly impacts their decision. Good writings can supercharge your business and, also it can break your business if not done right.

So, in this article, you will read about the Top 10 Copywriting Secrets in order to Write Killer SEO Friendly Blog Posts which stands out and boosts the performance of your blog.

So, here it goes…

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Top 10 Copywriting Secrets

Assuming you are into blogging and write articles for your blogs or maybe for your clients; you must have heard that copywriting is a continuous process. Even the top writers out there can’t term themselves as an expert copywriter.

As long as you are writing copies, you will keep improving your copywriting skills.

Below are a few copywriting secrets that would help you enhance your writing style, skill as well as performance.

And, having a great set of copywriting tools also impacts your writing quality and speed.

So, with that said, here we go with the secrets…

Amazing Writing Secrets

1. Use simple language

Well, this might not sound like a secret but this really is a secret.

Most people think that using difficult and very high-quality words and sentences can make their copy more credible, but that isn’t the case if you’re writing a simple article for your blog.

Because simple sentences are easy to understand for people of all grades.

Famous and biggest writers suggest writing in the simplest language possible in order to get the reader’s attention.

2. Target emotions

Your readers are not just your readers, they get connected to you emotionally if your copy is good enough.

So, while writing an article, try to keep yourself in the position of the readers and write the way how you would like to read. Think as if one of your readers is sitting in front of you and you’re talking to him/her one-on-one.

And, don’t write like forcing someone to do something or to buy your products, rather, talk about the features and how they can get benefited from that.

Targeting emotions becomes important when you’re writing a sales copy or the copy which will be turning your readers into long-time customers.

3. Never edit while writing

Yes, never ever try to make your writings perfect in the very first go. That will consume you a lot of time and, of course, you will get bored very soon.

Instead, just try to write your very first thoughts on the topic without caring about the spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Editing while writing interrupts your thinking process because you write a line and in the very next moment you’re engaging your mind to correct the mistakes instead of thinking about the next line to write.

4. Get your copy edited and proofread

Once you finish writing the copy, schedule the editing and proofreading for the next day. You might do the first few edits but the final edit and proofread should be done by someone else – either a professional or a friend or a family member of yours.

The reason why I recommend getting your copy edited and proofread by someone else is that even if you read the copy multiple times, it’s almost impossible for you to find every mistake of yours in the writing.

5. Keep intros clear

Yes, this is correct that 55% of the readers would leave your article after reading the first few lines if it doesn’t seem appealing. [Source: Buffer]

So, my recommendation is that start writing with the body of the article first, then the conclusion and intro at the very last.

Because, after finishing the body part of the article your thoughts become more precise, accurate, and appealing which helps you to hold readers to stay till the end.

And, pay more attention while writing your headlines too because that is the very first thing readers are gonna read.

6. Use the AIDA formula

You might not have heard about this formula earlier but this is what the big-writers out there recommend while writing.

AIDA stands for,

A – Attention/Awareness
I – Interest
D – Desire
A – Action

First of all, you will need to make readers aware of the product, category, or brand. Then, create interest in your product/brand and let them develop a favorable desire in their minds.

And, lastly, make them form the purchase intention.

That’s how the great AIDA formula works.

7. Be specific

Keep in the mind to be specific while writing.

Don’t deviate from the main intent of the article which helps in keeping your readers interested till the end.

In order to write a longer article for SEO purposes, a few people try to include unnecessary things in their articles which isn’t good.

Longer articles might boost your rankings in the search engine but, if it is not to the point, you might lose a significant amount of readers.

8. Use active voice

Instead of “SEO can be done without using those costly tools” write “You can do SEO without using those costly tools”.

Keeping sentences in Active voice, instead of the Passive voice, helps readers understand easily and they feel more connected with the writing.

It might get difficult at first to write everything in the active voice but you can get acquainted just in a week. You can take the help of the online tool called Hemingway Editor too.

9. Offer exclusivity

Yes, you heard it right.

Write in a way to make your readers feel special and unique. Like a lot of big companies brand themselves by selling luxury items by calling their products like a limited edition.

Your readers should feel that the content they are currently reading has been designed for them exclusively.

10. Be honest

Being honest with your business is actually helpful in the long run. Many people might think that mentioning your negatives or disadvantages affects the business in a negative way.

But, being honest makes your business more credible and trustworthy in the reader’s eyes.

Keeping these writing secrets in mind while writing copies for your blog post does help, but you will also need to keep in mind the below points while writing an SEO friendly blog post for your site(s).

SEO friendly Blog Post

Important Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts

As I have already talked about the copywriting secrets, this section of the blog post will focus more on the technical details.

So, here it goes…

1. Use a catchy title

The very first line that someone reads about your article is the headline. No matter how good and high quality your article is if the title is not appealing then no one is going to read.

So, put some extra time in coming up with a good heading for your article. You can use the various title generator tools like InboundNow, SeoPressor, SemRush, etc. which will provide some ideas about how to write the headline of an article.

2. Make your article skimmable

Generally, website visitors read only 20% of the article.

Most of your readers do not read the article thoroughly rather they just skim through the texts.

So, try to highlight the important words and sentences so that they can have a look at the important things in the article.

A good example of the skimmable article is shown in the below image.

Scannable Content Example

3. Give it a personal touch

Do not write as if you are talking to a crowd.

Write as if you are talking to the person reading one-on-one. Because that gives your article a personal touch and the reader feels connected with your writings.

4. Include a call to action at the end

Call to action may be anything like purchasing a product, signing up for newsletters, or leaving a simple comment.

And, believe me, every time, in the end, don’t forget to put the call to action which, ultimately, will be profitable for you. Try to use the AIDA formula (explained above) while writing.

5. Create an outline before writing

Do proper research and try to create an outline of the article before you actually start writing. This will help you a lot in speeding the writing process.

An outline for an article may be created as shown below.

      • [Title]
        • [Intro]
      • [Sub-title 1]
        • [Point 1]
        • [Point 2]
        • [Point 3]
        • [Point 4]
      • [Sub-title 2]
        • [Point 1]
        • [Point 2]
      • [Sub-title 3]
      • [Conclusion]

That’s it.

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Copywriting secrets and SEO friendly article writing tips mentioned in this blog post can take your blog to the next level by boosting traffic and engagement.

I have been personally using these strategies to write all my blog posts and which is working great for sure.

So, now, I’ll leave this up to you…

Which strategies mentioned here are you planning to use or already using? Or, if you have got any related queries, feel free to let me know by dropping a quick comment right now.

Also, share this article with the people who may find this useful.

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