Fresh Blog Topics Research Using These FREE Tools

Topic research is probably the most important and quite a time taking process in blogging, I guess. Most of the time bloggers, especially the new bloggers, stay confused about what to blog about.

Blogging about a topic that is new and recently in trend can be a better option than that of the old and not-trending ones for bloggers who are just starting up in the field.

In this blog post, I will be showing how you can use these FREE tools in order to research new and recent blog topics. This way you can generate a lot more traffic than you were generating earlier.

Let’s get started…

✅ Content is the king.

You agree with the above quote or not, but this is the Universal Truth. If you provide contents that nobody else does, then your blog will grow, for sure.

According to me contents can be divided into two main types:

  • Long-Lasting or Evergreen Content: No doubts, these types of content never gets old. Creating evergreen content is comparatively more effort taking. If you are a new blogger then creating long-lasting content and taking it to the first page of Google can be tougher than you expect.
  • Trending or Fresh Content: If you’re just starting up with blogging then I would recommend investing your time in writing fresh and trending content. Writing on recent topics will get you ranked easily as compared to the evergreen one.

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Trending content get ranked easily and long-lasting ones take time to rank but stay useful for a longer period of time.

Tools for Researching Fresh & New Blog Topics

  1. Google Trends
  2. Answer the Public
  3. Alltop
  4. Quora
  5. Social Media

So, I will be describing these tools in this blog post.

1. Google Trends

When it comes to research trending and recent blog topics, I keep Google Trends at the top. It is an exceptionally useful and intelligent tool that can tell you what topics are in trend.

Not only a powerful tool but is completely free and easy to use. It can help you choose trending topics from the various niches.

In order to search for the topics, visit Google Trends, and from the left side menu select Trending Searches which will take you to a page like this:

Google Trends Trending Searches

You will find trending keywords, their searches, and trending articles on that page. You can change the country from the top-right corner in order to view the topics of your country.

Below I have embedded Google’s Trending Searches page which will show the live data.

You can even use the Search Feature if you want to know about the trending topics of any specific niche by searching your niche. For example, I searched for the term “WordPress” and selected a country like India, got this result:

You can filter the search results by geographical location, time period, category, and type of search.

This way you can get the topic for your next blog post easily. Choose the one in which people are taking much more interest over time.

2. Answer the Public

Ever heard of the tool?

Well, Answer the Public is an excellent tool that takes data from Google and Bing in order to show various popular questions and related queries that people search on these search engines.

AnswerThePublic Free Topic Research Tool

The website organizes all the contents in such a nice and cool way that becomes much easier for you to analyze those results.

In order to get topic suggestions from the website, first, visit the website Answer the Public, search your niche or queries and it will show you the various popular questions that people really search.

AnswerThePublic - Search Result

The website is completely free to use and you can even download the search results in CSV or Image format for future uses.

3. Alltop

Alltop is an amazing tool for getting topic ideas for your blogs. It mainly shows trending articles from various sources using which you can easily find out what topic is in trend these days. Popular News Sites for Any Topic

The website aggregates all the top recent news and happenings in one place in different categories.

You can choose the category of your interest and instantly find out what people are reading about these days.

4. Quora

Whenever you run low on ideas, just turn over to Quora. It has some of the World’s most intelligent people who regularly share their wisdom with people.

Quora has a large… large number of questions in its database. It lets you know about the real questions coming from the people.

Search WordPress in Quora

Just write your niche in the search box and press enter, you will be flooded with the hundreds of questions that people ask in that niche. Using these search results you can easily decide the next post topic of your blog.

You can even drop a question and ask people for suggestions related to your blog topics.

5. Social Media

Who doesn’t know about social media!!! It’s powerful.

You can use social media like Twitter and Facebook in order to get recent blog topics for your blog.

You can search your niche or keywords on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms to get trending topics.

For example, I searched “#bitcoin” on Twitter and got many recent news, discussions, and questions on the topic.

bitcoin Twitter Search

This way you can generate a lot of topic ideas for your next blog post using these social media.

Final Words

These are not the only tool that can be used to research fresh, new, recent, and trending topics for your blog post but these are the ones that are used by many bloggers out there.

Just keep in mind that writing on trending topics will rank you easier and faster and this is highly recommended if you are a new blogger.

Any other topic research tool that you wanna add? Mention them in the comments.

And, that’s it for now.

Happy Blogging!

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