Bulk Email Validator

Bulk Email Validator — Verify and Clean Your Email List

We use a custom script to validate and clean your email list.

100% accurate results

Reduce bounce rate! Increase deliverability!

Sending emails to wrong and non-existent emails can hurt your sender’s reputation and your emails may start landing in the spam/junk folder.

We use a custom script to validate and clean your email list. It validates emails at 3 levels — domain, syntax, and mailbox. The results are 100% accurate.


The best you can find at this price. We offer the below 3 pricing plans but if you need a custom quote, contact us.

How does it compare with other automated email validation and cleaning services?

For a list of 10,000 emails:

  • NeverBounce – $50
  • ZeroBounce – $65
  • EmailListValidation – $59
  • And us, just $27

Kindly note that this is not an automated process, we manually run your email list through our custom script.


How much time does it take to get the cleaned email list?

Usually, just a few hours. But sometimes it may take up to 24 hours.

How secure is my data?

Your data is never stored or shared, it’s 100% private and safe. Your list is deleted as soon as the order gets completed.


Hey! I’m Deepak.

I’m the guy behind this super affordable email validation service.