Can a Blogger/Blogspot Hosted Website be Connected to Cloudflare?

Hosting your website completely free at Google’s is a great way if you’re tight on budget and you don’t want to go for costly hosting service providers out there.

In this post, I will be sharing ways using which you can connect your blogger/blogspot hosted website directly to the Cloudflare; but before that let’s understand a bit about the and Cloudflare.

🚀 Cloudflare Pages vs Netlify

So, What is is a blog-publishing service offered by Google. Blogger provides free web hosting for the texts, images and videos of your website/blog.

Blogger has its own publishing and content management system software – you can’t use other popular CMS like WordPress on the Blogger hosted sites.

Now, What is Cloudflare CDN?

If you are familiar with blogs and websites then you must be knowing about the CDN which stands for Content Delivery Network which helps in delivering your website’s file (images, texts, videos etc.) as per the geographical location of each user.

When you use any CDN service on your website, your site’s contents load faster than earlier and become safer too.

Cloudflare is one such company which offers free blazing fast CDN for your sites in order to make it load faster and safer.

Using CDN makes content delivery 50% faster.

However, Cloudflare has many pricing plans for businesses but if you are an individual and own a normal blog then the free plan would be enough for you.

What are the Features that You Get with the Cloudflare?

  • Protects your website from any threat of attack
  • Adds an extra layer of caching to your site
  • Free SSL (HTTPS) certificate for your site
  • Improves your site’s loading speed

How to Integrate Your Hosted Site with the Cloudflare?

Well, the process of adding your site to the Cloudflare is not complicated at all – not rocket science.

I will walk you through the step-by-step process of adding your blogger site to the Cloudflare:

  1. Open and sign up for an account using your email ID.
  2. After the signing up process, add your site by typing your domain name (as shown in the image below).add site to the cloudflare
  3. Once the Domain is added, Cloudflare will look for your site’s DNS settings.cloudflare will query your domain's dns
  4. After that, you will be asked to pick a pricing plan, select as per your needs (If you are an individual then the free plan will work fine for you).choose a cloudflare's pricing plan
  5. Verify the DNS settings with the Domain’s DNS details by logging into your domain registrar’s account (If some DNS details are missing then you can add it manually too).verify the dns settings with the current domain dns settings
  6. You will be given 2 Nameservers on the next page (as shown in the image below).update the cloudflare nameservers at your domain registrar
  7. Again, go to your domain registrar and replace the old nameservers with the new one that Cloudflare provided.

And, done.

Just wait for few hours in order to let the site propagate completely and your site will be connected to the Cloudflare.

If you find any difficulty adding your site to the Cloudflare, feel free to let me know in the comments.

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