How to Install Google Chrome Extensions in Opera

Opera is a comparatively lightweight, fast and secure browser which doesn’t eat much of your computer’s RAM (like Chrome). The new Opera browser for desktops also comes with the VPN (Virtual Private Network).

The only thing that the browser lags in is its poor extensions support.

But there’s a way by using which you can install the Google Chrome Extensions in your Opera browser. So, let’s see how you can do this.

Install Chrome Extensions in Opera

1. Open Opera & Go to Get Extensions Page

Open your Opera web browser and from the top-left menu, navigate to the Extensions > Get Extensions menu which will open a page of Opera extensions library as shown below.

Install Chrome Extensions in Opera Browser

2. Install “Install Chrome Extensions” Opera Extension

On the extensions page, you will find an extension called “Install Chrome Extensions” and if you don’t find the extension then search in the search box.

Click on the extension to Open the install page which will look something like the snapshot below.

Add to Opera - Install Chrome Extensions

Click on the big button saying “Add to Opera” in order to install the extension to your browser.

3. Now Install Chrome Extensions

Now you can go to the Chrome Webstore, search for the extensions you want and you will an option saying Add to Opera.

For example, if I have to install an extension called Momentum then I will search for the extension and click to open the install page.

After you click on the extension from the search result, the extension install link will open where you will get a button saying Add to Opera.

As soon you click on the button, it will ask for your confirmation, Click Ok which will take you to the Manage Extensions page, wait for the extension you installed to appear and enable the installation by clicking Install > Yes, Install. I have attached a snapshot for the same below.

And, voila.

You have successfully installed a chrome extension on your Opera web browser.

Any questions or doubts are welcomed in the comments below.

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