List of Failed Startups [2020]

Failure and inventions are inseparable twins.

Jeff Bezos

Startups try to innovate, to invent and that’s the reason their chances of failure are higher. And, there is nothing bad about that. In fact, most of the startup founders that fail with their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd ventures; succeed with the 4th one and that’s what startups are.

I have compiled a list of failed startups along with the:

  • description of what they were offering
  • founded date
  • where they are located, and
  • the reason why they failed

Failed Startups [2020]

So, here goes the list of startups that failed in 2020:

LocationFailure Reason
Sienna Bio-pharmaceuticalsBio-pharmaceuticals2010United StatesRan out of cash, Poor product
StratoscaleData center infrastructure2013IsraelLack of innovation
VicisFootball helmet makerUnited StatesOut of cash, Pricing issues, Got outcompeted
HipmunkMetasearch travel sites2010United StatesGot outcompeted, Poor model
IgnitionOneAdtech firm2003United StatesDisharmony on the team, Lack of innovation
OmniStorage and rental2014United StatesOut of cash, Poor model, Product mistyped
MiaoshenghouFresh food deliveryChinaPricing issues, Poor model, Product mistyped
Juno2016IsraelLegal challenges, Out of cash, Pricing issues
CrediFiCommercial loans data provider2013United StatesGot outcompeted
Kettlebell KitchenMeal-kit startup2013United StatesOut of cash, Got outcompeted
VanidayBeauty services booking2015SingaporePoor model, Out of cash
PlanswellFintech startup2020CanadaLegal challenges, Out of cash, No financing
Coolest CoolerBluetooth water-resistant speaker2015United StatesPricing issues, Poor model, Bad pivot
Inboard TechnologyElectric skateboard2014United StatesBad pivot, Lack of innovation, No financing
SpaciousRestaurant-based coworking2016United StatesLost focus, Product mistyped
8tracksMusic streaming2006United StatesOut of cash, Got outcompeted, No innovation
AtriumLegal tech and law firm2017United StatesBad pivot, Poor model
ScaleFactorFinance and accounting platform2014United StatesBurn out, Poor product
Starsky RoboticsAutonomous trucking tech startup2016United StatesNo financing, Out of cash, Product mistyped
Essential ProductsConsumer hardware2015United StatesPoor product, Lost focus, Ignored customers
JumpshotMarketing analytics tool2010United StatesIllegal business practices
SorabelFashion e-commerce2014IndonesiaNo financing, Out of cash
HollarOnline dollar store2015United StatesPricing issues, Poor model
The OutlineDigital media company2016United StatesPoor marketing, Burn out
Stay AlfredApartment rental2010United StatesOut of cash, No financing, Poor model
StockwellAI-powered vending machine2016United StatesOut of cash
PillowRental management software2014United StatesPoor model, Burn out
ApartmentJetRental management software2014United StatesPoor model, Burn out
MixerInteractive game streaming2014United StatesPoor marketing
LassoTikTok clone2014United StatesPoor marketing
TroverPhoto-sharing platform2010United StatesBurn out

That’s it.

We will keep updating the list as long as we keep finding the startups that failed in 2020.

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