FeedHive Review – Social Media Automation Tool

Today, social media has kind of become a crucial part of a company’s marketing strategy. Why? Because you have to be where your audience is — most of the people are on social media today. If your audience hangs out on Facebook, you need to have a Facebook page to target them.

And, managing social media account takes a whole lot of effort and time. However, there are tools that make the process easier for you and FeedHive is one of such tools that considerably reduces your efforts in managing a successful social media account.

Here, we will be reviewing the tool in detail and explaining what it is good for…

FeedHive review

In simple words, FeedHive offers scheduling, analytics, post ideas, etc. to help you better run your social media accounts. Currently, the supported social platforms are — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn (more platforms should be coming soon).

Scheduling posts in advance saves a lot of time and you do not have to be up at the time of posting. For example, at 12:00 am you’re launching a product and want to do a social media post at the time, without scheduling, you’ll have to be up to publish the post but you can sleep in peace if you schedule the post in advance. FeedHive helps you do that, exactly.

FeedHive also provides detailed analytics (much like Typefully) for your posts like what types of posts are performing better and at what time your audience engages more.

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Features of FeedHive

Some of the notable features of FeedHive are the following:

1. Post ideas

FeedHive offers inspiration templates to help you generate countless post ideas. If you’re running out of ideas, with just a click, the tool provides amazing post ideas (like the one shown below):

FeedHive Review

2. Post scheduling

FeedHive lets you schedule your posts in the future. If you want your post to be published the next Monday at 8 am, schedule it from earlier and it will do that.

Post Scheduling

This feature is amazing for the people/companies who publish multiple posts every day. They can just sit for an hour and plan posts for the whole week. The tool makes it very easy to do that.

3. Detailed analytics

Not all posts perform well! But how if you know what kind of posts do?

FeedHive analytics provides you with the types of posts that perform great and also the posting time when your audience engages the most.

detailed analytics

You can also track your followers’ growth by using the tool.

4. Custom labels

Custom labels help you categorize your posts into relevant categories to manage them better and easier.

For example, you can categorize your posts into the following categories:

  • Info
  • Tips
  • Thread
  • Hack
  • Question, etc.

And, then the analytics tells you what label performed better. Interesting, right?

5. FeedHive AI

The amazing AI predicts your post’s success in advance. It helps you in writing and tells you how well this post is going to perform.

FeedHive AI

It also generates the most relevant hashtags for your posts.

6. Auto syncing

If you posted something directly from the main platform like Twitter or Facebook, it automatically syncs those posts to the FeedHive account for better tracking and analytics.

7. Auto saving drafts

In case, you’re typing the post and then close the browser window accidentally, no worries, FeedHive automatically saves everything that you type.

👉 Get started with FeedHive

You can view all the FeedHive pricing plans in detail before deciding which one to get.

That’s it.

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