7+ Less Known Free Keyword Research Tools

Imagine doing keyword research without using those too costly tools.

Imagine finding keywords without spending a single penny on tools.

Okay! that seems like too much, right?


In this post, I’m gonna make you aware of some free keyword suggestion tools which can skyrocket your keywording process.

Introduction to Keywords

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) isn’t possible without Keywords.

Do you agree with me on that?

Yes, I’m not exaggerating things. Keyword research is nothing but market research for the digital world – it is the foundation of SEO. They help you to find the needs and demands of your target market.

Keywords not only help you to rank your website on top of the search engines but tell you whether or not you’re making progress. Once you become good at researching keywords, you will know your customers and their needs better than your competitors.

Here’s how the word “keyword” has been used over time. You can see the rise in the graph.

Word Keyword Uses Over Time

Now, let’s talk about those free keywording tools.

FREE Keyword Research Tools

Here, I’m not gonna mention all those free tools but the tools which are the best alternative to the paid tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and BuzzSumo. The tools, mentioned here, are the best alternative to the costly ones.

I’ll be listing out each tool with a little description of them. Let’s get started…


Soovle.com is a completely free and easy to use tool which shows keyword suggestions from Amazon, Wikipedia, Answers.com, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and Google Suggests.

In order to use it, first head over to Soovle.com and type your niche (topic) or a broad keyword in the search field.

Longtail Keyword Research Using Soovle

As soon as you start typing, Soovle will start showing suggestions from the different sources.

You can even download this result in CSV format by clicking the little download icon in the top-left area.

Download Keywords in CSV Format from Soovle

I find this tool very useful as it suggests keywords from the sites that are overlooked by most of your competitors.

Answer the Public

If you’re looking for question focused keywords, then this tool might come handy for you.

You will need to visit AnswerthePublic.com in order to generate keywords ideas for yourself.

AnswerThePublic Keyword Research

After typing a niche or a broad keyword, click on Get Questions and you will be flooded with several keywords suggestions.

Research Keywords Using Answer the Public

Analyze these questions carefully and you will find some great keywords out of it. This is an excellent tool to get some really cool longtail keyword ideas. You can even get keyword ideas for your YouTube videos.

Give it a try, it’s great.

Google Trends

Want some great topic ideas for your blog? You can find fresh and trending keywords using Google Trends to write a blog post on.

You can find some really high volume keywords in your niche in Google Trends that Google Keywords Planner may not show. You can check the keyword’s popularity over time too.

It’s completely free to use.

To use it, open Google Trends, type the keyword that you wanna rank for in the search box and press enter.

Google Trends Search for Free WordPress Themes

Here I have typed the keyword “free wordpress themes” and then click enter. The tool prompts out a section as “Interest over time” which shows the keyword’s popularity over time.

Google Trends Search for Free WordPress Themes Interest Over Time

As you can see that the keyword “free wordpress themes” is going down in the trend. You have to find a keyword which is going high in the trend.

When you scroll down on the page, you’ll find a section called “Related queries” which shows keywords related to your search query.

Google Trends Search for Free WordPress Themes Related Queries

Some keywords inside Related queries are really potential keywords, it can drive a lot of traffic once you get ranked. Google keywords planner, generally, won’t show you these lucrative keywords.


Quora is a great platform to connect with people and ask questions. It’s basically an extremely popular crowdsourced question and answer site. You will find extremely helpful and detailed answers on Quora.

First of all, open Quora. You will need to create an account in order to use Quora.

Create an Account with Quora

You can even use your Google or Facebook account in order to create Quora account.

Now, that you have logged in, search your keyword using the search box at the top.

Market Research Using Quora

Here, I searched the term “market research” and got some really informative answers written by many people.

These questions will help you brainstorm keyword ideas. You may also find some questions which are the keywords itself.

You can search these brainstormed keywords in Google keywords planner and find some really cool keywords suggestions.

By using Quora, you’ll find some great longtail keywords and various keyword ideas which you may not think of yourself.


UberSuggest shows you data from the Google Suggest. It offers much more keyword ideas than Soovle which also works on the same principle.

You must have noticed that when we search any query on Google.com, it shows some suggestions just below the search bar.

UberSuggest takes your query (searched keyword) and adds every letter of the alphabet after it and generates hundreds of suggested keywords ideas.

Let’s understand it with an example:

When I type the keyword “wordpress” on Google, it shows suggestions like this:

Google Suggested Keywords for WordPress

Here, every suggestion is a keyword itself.

But when you type the letter “a” followed by a space after “wordpress”, Google shows a new set of keywords.

Google Suggested Keywords for WordPress Blogs

Now, if you type “wordpress b”, “wordpress c” and so on… it will show another new set of keywords. But this will be a lot of manual work, right?

Well, UberSuggest collects all the suggested keywords and shows them at one place so that you don’t need to type all those terms manually.

Keywording tool, UberSuggest is now owned by Neil Patel and is completely free now. In order to use it, head over to UberSuggest and type the keyword that you wanna rank for in the search box and hit enter.

Keyword Suggestions for WordPress at UberSuggest

As soon as you hit enter, you will be flooded with hundreds of Google suggested keywords.

UberSuggest Search Results for the Keyword - WordPress

Here, keywords will appear along with their Search Volume, CPC, and Competition.

If you want to include results from Google Keyword Planner too, then check the option from the left side box.

Include Google Keywords Planner Results in UberSuggest

Most of the generated keywords won’t make any sense but some of them will really make good keywords.

You can also download all the keyword ideas in a CSV file by clicking “Export to CSV” at the end of the page.


KeywordTool is a tool similar to UberSuggest which grabs Google Suggest data in order to generate keywords.

It’s free to use (but the free version doesn’t show monthly searches) and great for mining longtail keywords.

The only thing that makes it superior to UberSuggest is that it adds letters of the alphabet after and before the keyword you type and grabs Google Suggest data.

For example, if you will enter the keyword “wordpress” in UberSuggest it will look Google Suggest’s results for “wordpress a”, “wordpress b” and so on. But if you enter “wordpress” at KeywordTool.io, it will show Google Suggest’s results for “a wordpress” & “wordpress a”, “b wordpress” & “wordpress b” etc.

To use it, open KeywordTool.io and enter your keyword in the given search box and press enter.

Keyword Suggestion for WordPress Using KeywordTool

However, it doesn’t show the search volume for the keywords but you can copy the keywords and check search volume using Google Keywords Planner.

Keyword Suggestion for WordPress Using KeywordTool Copy Keywords

KeywordTool.io shows a whole bunch of great keyword suggestions (around 700 results). You will definitely find some great keywords from here.

You may not have noticed that when you search for a query on Google, it shows related searches at the bottom of the page in the section called “Searches related to…”.

Google Searches Related to For WordPress

This section shows some really great longtail keywords ideas. Searches related to the… section shows keywords that people actually search for.

Not always but sometimes, you’ll find a gem which isn’t even shown in GKP (Google Keyword Planner).

Bonus Tool – Keywords Everywhere

Since you came through all these free keyword research tools, I’m gonna tell you about a free tool which is too handy to do keyword research.

Well, I’m talking about the Google Chrome Extension Keywords Everywhere. This is an extremely handy Chrome extension which provides keyword ideas on the go.

To use it, you will need to add the extension Keywords Everywhere to your Google Chrome web browser.

Keywords Everywhere Google Chrome Extension

After adding the Extension to the Chrome, it will ask you for your Email ID where it will be sending a unique API key to verify your uses.

Keywords Everywhere Google Chrome Extension Enter Email-ID to Receive API-Key

After verifying the extension with the API key, when you search any query in the Google, it will automatically show its Search Volume along with the CPC and the Competition.

You can also add any keyword to your favorite list by clicking the little star sign next to it and can access those favorite keywords later.

Keywords Everywhere Below the Google Search Bar

It will also show Monthly Searches for the keywords inside Searches related to… section.

Keywords Everywhere Google Searches Related to Section

Not only this, but the extension shows its own set of keyword suggestions at the right side of the page as “People Also Search for” section. It includes some great set of keywords along with their monthly searches, CPC, and competition.

Keywords Everywhere People Also Search For Section Keywords Suggestion

Interesting extension, right?

I’m a die-hard fan of this simple extension, I use it every time.

You must give it a try.

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Final Words

I would suggest you to install the Keywords Everywhere extension before using those 7 free keyword tools because the extension will show the monthly searches of the keywords right beside them.

Are you still going for the Google Keyword Planner? Or, you are gonna use UberSuggest?

Did you like the Bonus Tool “Keywords Everywhere”?

Let us know in the comments.

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