5 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions to Boost Productivity

Google Chrome isn’t only known for its speed, security, and stability but, also for its great extensions/plugin support.

You may not believe but there are more than 20,000 extensions are already uploaded on the Google Chrome Webstore… 20000, I repeat.

And, this is the category where Google Chrome beats all its competitive browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari etc.

Here, I will be talking about 5 of such very popular and useful extensions which will help you to increase your productivity.

So, here we go…

Useful and Popular Google Chrome Extensions

Below is a list of 5 great Google Chrome extensions which I personally use on a regular basis and, I’m pretty sure that you’d start using them too once you know the uses and advantages of these.

[Note that the list here is not in any order.]

1. LastPass: Free Password Manager

Believe me, you won’t find a plugin more useful than this one called LastPass: Free Password Manager.

LastPass Password Manager

It’s a free password manager extension which will store all your passwords securely in a vault and you will not have to remember your passwords anymore.

But, there are a lot of password managers out there but what’s special in this one?

Well, the extension supports almost all the famous browsers (Google Chrome, Mozzila Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari etc.) out there. LastPass even comes for the Android and the iOs.

The moment you store your password from a device, it instantly syncs through all your devices and all the browsers where you have setup LastPass to.

But, this is not just a password manager. Below are the few things that the LastPass is capable of doing,

  • Stores Usernames and Passwords
  • Stores Credit and Debit Card details
  • You can even attach Docs, PDFs, Images, Audio and more
  • You can save any other important piece of Data
  • Automatically fills in your Usernames and Passwords on the Login Pages

2. Grammarly

Use Grammarly and never make a mistake in writing.

Yes, just install this extension in your browser and it will take care of any kind of mistakes that you make; whether it be a grammatical mistake or a spelling mistake, it will offer suggestions to correct everything.

Grammarly Chrome Extension

You can enhance your writings everywhere you type. Whether you are typing an email, posting on social media or writing a blog post in your browser, it works everywhere.

The free version of the plugin does it all but they also offer a paid/premium version which is said to have a few more interesting features like checking plagiarism and vocabulary suggestions etc.

3. Google Keep

Google Keep is just amazing, I have been using this app for years.

Keep comes for almost all the browsers and also for Android, iOs and other Wear devices.

Google Keep Chrome Extension

When you install the extension on your Chrome browser, it will offer you to save things like URLs, Images, Texts, Audio etc. just in a click and syncs to all the devices instantly.

You can even use this app as a smart bookmark manager by storing all the websites you like right from your browser just in a click. And, later, you can view all these things in your mobile devices.

To keep your data organized, you can use Labels and Colors. On the devices like Smartphones and Tabs, you can even write and store your hand-written notes in the Google Keep secure app.

4. Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights is for the people who watch a lot of videos in their browser; whether it be the YouTube or any other video streaming website – it works everywhere.

Turn Off the Lights Google Chrome Extension

So, what does the extension do?

Well, when you watch videos on any website it blacks the rest of the screen except video so that you don’t get distracted and focus on the video only.

And, while watching YouTube, you can preset the video quality that you prefer your next video should be played in.

Not just these, but there are many more features like,

  • night light for the eye protection
  • makes screen dark when you click the play button
  • speech recognition
  • mouse wheel volume control
  • adding filters to the videos
  • video screen capture

and many more…

5. Momentum

Momentum is a Google Chrome extension which converts your New Tab page into a personal Dashboard where you can save your To-do list and many more.

Momentum Google Chrome Extension

The extension helps you in being more productive by showing inspiring quotes and pictures. And, every time you open a New Tab, it reminds you of your today’s work to do and helps you avoid the procrastination.

It has a few amazing features which I’d be listing here,

  • inspirational photos and quotes
  • set a daily goal
  • keep track of tasks with a To-do list
  • weather and forecast
  • bookmarks bar on new tab
  • customize the dashboard by using various widgets

Final Words

Avoiding procrastination, staying organized and being punctual is the only way to success.

These Google Chrome Extensions mentioned here are quite useful and popular. I use these extensions on a daily basis.

If there are some more Chrome extensions to boost productivity that you wanna add to the list here then let me know in the comments section below.

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