Gravit Designer : Best Vector Graphics App?

If you use Windows or Mac then Adobe Illustrator is considered to be the best vector designing app which is quite costly too.

I use Linux Mint and I’m not a fan of Inkscape vector designing app. Initially, I was using Inkscape for my every Graphic Design needs but now, I have discovered a great app for the same.

Yes, Gravit Designer is the one that I use now for my every graphic design needs.

The app has almost every feature that one would need in order to design any graphic and it is quite simple to use too.

Gravit Designer The Best App to Create Vector Designs
Snapshot of the Gravit Designer

This full featured app is available for different platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome and the Web.

I use the app on the daily basis and it just works best for me. It’s easy to use interface makes your workflow fast.

You can insert required pre-designed various emojis, shapes, illustrations, icons, stickers, frames and lines into your designs directly from the work-space just by searching.

Gravit Designer to Create Vector Designs

The work-space looks kind of clean and and easy to work with. You can create multiple layers like other Vector Drawing apps while designing graphics.

Pros of Gravit Designer

  • Cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome and Web) compatibility
  • Easily adjustable work area dimensions
  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Ability to save designs to the Gravit Cloud
  • Multiple layer support
  • Pre designed emojis, illustrations, shapes, lines, icons and stickers
  • Fast rendering
  • CMYK rendering in Browser too
  • Ability to export quickly in the formats like PDF, SVG, JPEG, PNG
  • Runs smoothly on every platform
  • Completely FREE
  • Pre designed templates

Cons of Gravit Designer

The only con I feel is, its inability to save the work in other popular formats like .ai (Adobe Illustrator).

Final Words

I use Gravit Designer on a daily basis and the best thing about the app is its ability to export the work in various popular formats like PDF, SVG, JPEG & PNG and that too by adjusting the quality.

I strongly recommend you this app if you’re looking for a simple yet powerful vector graphics design app other than Adobe Illustrator.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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