20+ Best Email Subject Lines for Guest Post Outreach

Are your guest post outreach emails simply being ignored?

Then, you should put a bit more effort into coming up with some great and creative email subject lines because this is like your first impression and you need to put it in the right way.

The email subject is like the heading of your email, if it isn’t compelling enough, it’ll be simply tossed aside.

In this post, I will be providing you with the 20+ best email subject lines for your guest post request along with the DOs and DON’Ts of writing an email subject.

I use the email subjects mentioned below, and they perform very well. You can also check out the best guest post email templates here.

So, here we go…

What is an Email Subject?

An email subject is the very first line of the email which the receivers see. It is like the title of the email contents.

Whether someone receives your emails on the desktop or mobile devices, the subject line is the very first sentence that they come through.

Here’s how it looks on the mobile devices:

Smartphone - Email Subject

And, here’s how it looks on the desktop devices:

Desktop - Email Subject

However these screenshots are of Gmail (Check out the best Gmail alternatives), but most of the email services are almost similar.

Do Subject Lines really matter?

So, now the real questions are:

Do email subject lines really matter? And, should you put a lot of effort into coming up with an interesting line?

A short answer to both the questions is: Yes.

Let me explain.

Uninteresting or spammy email subjects can not only make your emails ignored by the receiver but can also push them to the receiver’s spam/junk folders.

Tell me, would you open an email with the subject line as “FREE Money. Win $100,000 NOW!!!”.

Most of you won’t because it seems too good to be true. Also, there is a huge chance that the email with the above subject line will land in the spam folder.

So, whether you’re emailing someone asking for guest posts, backlinks or anything; try to keep your emails’ subjects precise, realistic, and to-the-point.

Let’s take a look at some of the creative email subject lines which will help you in getting your guest post requests approved.

Use the ones which suit you the best from the list below:

20+ Email Subject Lines for Guest Post Outreach

List of Creative Subject Lines for the Guest Post Outreach

Below are some examples of the creative email subject ideas for guest posting. Take a look:

  1. Food for your blog. Check them out!
  2. I’ve prepared something special for your blog. Checkout now!
  3. Great content ideas for your blog
  4. Review these 3 blog post ideas for [blog name]
  5. Free high-quality articles for your blog
  6. Next blog post for [blog name]. All the hard work is mine
  7. High-quality guest post request
  8. Check out these link-worthy guest post ideas for your blog
  9. Guest post proposal
  10. Surprise! Something special for [blog name]
  11. Sexy & unique topics for [blog name]
  12. Best guest post ideas
  13. SEPT/OCT 2019 – Guest post ideas
  14. Hey [blogger name], here’s a great guest post idea for [blog name]
  15. Your blog may miss this opportunity
  16. Guest post request for [blog name]
  17. Writing is hard. But I’ve done all the hard work
  18. Add value to your subscribers
  19. Feed your content-hungry blog
  20. You haven’t covered this topic, right?
  21. Request: Guest post ideas for [blog name]
  22. Let’s discuss your new blog post

Tips to Improve Your Guest Post Email Subject Lines

Tips to Improve Your Guest Post Email Subject Lines

Subject lines mentioned above do work. But, what’s the science behind creating clickable subject lines which gets your guest post request approved?

Along with keeping your subjects simple, short, precise, and to-the-point; you need to follow some very simple guidelines when writing the guest post email outreach catchy subject lines.

Take a look at the quick guidelines below which will help you in creating catchy headlines for your guest post emails:

1. Keep it simple and short

Yes, try to keep those lines very simple and easy to understand. Using difficult words won’t help you in any way. Avoid using unnecessary adjectives in the sentences to make it look cool – it just doesn’t work that way.

Also, try to keep your email subjects short because longer sentences get trimmed-off and the receiver may not open the email.

2. Create Curiosity & Urgency

Don’t use boring subject lines. They do not work at all.

Use a line which makes the receiver curious about what’s inside and they click on it to get more information. But, stay away from being spammy as well.

Also, create lines which require some kind of urgent or immediate action like “Checkout now!”

3. Personalize Lines

Try to provide your email subject with a bit of personal touch by adding the blogger’s name or at least the blog name which you are contacting.

This kind of email subjects become more clickable as well as there are lesser chances of landing into the spam/junk folder.

4. Don’t Make Fake Promises

In order to make it more clickable never try to write lines which do not match with the contents, you’re sending inside.

Doing so will just reduce your chances of getting a reply back.

5. Do A/B Testing for Subject Lines

A/B Testing is a term which involves testing two versions of the same content with a slight variation.

You can A/B test your email subjects as well.

Send the “A” version of the subject to the 50% of the people and send the “B” version of the line to the other 50% of the people and observe which version performed well.

By this way, you will get the best performing email subject line.

Donts of Writing Email Subjects

What NOT to do while Writing Guest Post Email Subjects

These are the few practices that you must avoid while reaching out to someone asking for a guest post request:

1. False Reply and Forward

Avoid adding false RE: or FW: before your email subject lines to make it look like an ongoing conversation because this will ultimately reduce your chances of getting a reply.

And, remember lying to the people will never get your guest post request approved.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Adjectives and Adverbs

At least in an email subject taking the help of a lot of adjectives and adverbs should be avoided because they look spammy.

And, in most cases either they will be ignored or marked as spam.

3. Don’t Commit Grammatical Error or Typo

The subject line is your first impression and you should avoid your very first impression to be negative by sending unchecked subject lines. This will significantly decrease the chances of getting a reply back.

Check out the Top 5 Must-Use Tools for Bloggers which has a very good list of useful tools for bloggers.

4. Avoid Sugar Coating

To make your email more clickable, avoid making it too sweet to be opened. Sending emails with an unrealistic and too-good-to-be-true kind of subject line often gets ignored.

5. Don’t Use all Capital Letters

Using too much CAPS is more like yelling at someone to open your email. Yes, that’s what it feels like, at least to me.

Use words in CAPS only if necessary. Also, limit the usage of exclamation marks (!!!) too.

Wrapping it Up

Share this Article with the People who may find it usefulYour guest post outreach email subject line should be personalized, simple, short, and with no errors, if you want the receiver to click on it.

And, once they opened your emails, now it’s your email content that plays an important role. Your email body should be precise, well-written, and match the claims that you have made in the subject line.

Check out my Top 5 Guest Post Email Templates that got me 10s of Guest Posts accepted for digiTechnolog.

That’s it.

If you have any related query then feel free to let me know in the comments right now.

Also, share this article with the people who you think might be interested in reading it.

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