5 Best Email Templates for Guest Post Outreach


Care for Well-researched, High-quality, and FREE Contents?

Would you open the email if I send you the above line as the Email Subject?

Yes, most of you will.

So, here I will be providing you with the 5 best email templates that will get your guest post request approved and help you in creating a personal brand.

But, first, let me explain the basics of guest posting and how you can hunt for guest blogging opportunities.

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Let’s get it going then…

What is Guest Posting or Guest Blogging?

Guest posting or Guest Blogging is an off-page SEO strategy that is used to acquire backlinks or (and) gain popularity. In this strategy, an author/blogger contributes articles to a different blog in exchange for a link to his own blog, website, or social media.

As known to all, backlinks are extremely important for blogs and websites to rank higher in the search results. And, that is why guest posts are extremely popular nowadays. These are some of the highly effective methods of Link Building.

But, not only that…

Guest posting can help you boost your social media presence, build a personal brand, and can make you a popular face among your readers.

Here are some stats about it,

✅ Neil Patel writes in an article that guest blogging is one of the best kinds of inbound marketing.

✅ According to SocialMarketingWriting, “62.96% of people out there perceive blogs with multiple authors to be more credible”.

#2 - Blogs with Multiple Authors vs Blogs with Single Author

Future of the Guest Posting

For the past few years, Content Marketing is gradually taking over TV Advertising, and due to that, the value of high-quality content will increase with time.

I mean who doesn’t want a well-researched and high-quality article for their site for FREE?

So, till Content Marketing keeps entertaining people – Guest Posting isn’t going to be dead.

But, what about the future of content marketing?

Let me explain; video killed the radio, and now, VR (virtual reality) is doing the same to the video, and in the future, VR will be killed by some new content format, for sure.

So, the format of content creation might change a bit in the future, but the whole content marketing is NOT gonna end as far as the internet goes.

#3 - Content Marketing Never Dies

How to Find Guest Post Opportunities?

No doubt, finding high-quality and niche-related guest post opportunities is difficult and it is the part of the guest posting process where you will have to spend the maximum of your time doing with.

Okay, so how do we search for the blogs which are accepting guest posts?

The most popular and since-the-evolution-of-the-mankind method is to go to Google and search by using the search strings like,

  • [Your Keyword] “guest post”
  • [Your Keyword] “write for us”
  • [Your Keyword] “submit guest post”
  • [Your Keyword] “guest post opportunities”
  • [Your Keyword] “guest blogger”
  • [Your Keyword] “submit articles”

But the only problem with this method of searching guest post opportunities is that everyone else in the blogging space uses the same method. So, there are very low chances that it will work for you.

But, there are many other untapped ways to find guest post opportunities. Some of these include:

  • By Reverse Engineering Your Competitor’s Backlinks
  • By Searching Best Blogs in Your Niche on the AllTop.com
  • Tracking Authors in Your Niche on Twitter

Brian Dean has published a detailed guide on guest blogging which you should definitely take a look at.

So, now comes the real thing…

#4 - How to Hunt for Guest Post Opportunities

5 Best Email Templates to Get Your Guest Post Request Accepted

So, below are the bulleted list of the templates for your guest post outreach campaign. And, in the end, I’ll be showing you the template using which I got to write a guest post on the website that you’re currently reading.

So, here I go…

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#1 – Template 1

Tell them that you’re not just a random guy but a regular reader of their blog. And, not just this – showcase your achievements and guest posts on other popular websites too.

Hello, [Name]

I’ve been an avid reader of [Blog Name] for some time now – and I enjoy reading your blog on a regular basis.

I’ve been researching on an idea for a blog-post about [Blog Post Title] – and then I thought that this could be a great contribution for your audience.

The summary of the post that I’m writing is…

[Bulleted List or Paragraph Summary of Your Post]

I’ve also published several successful guest posts on some big blogs like [Blog Name 1], [Blog Name 2] and [Blog Name 3] – which I have linked below:


What do you think? Should I write it up and send you a draft?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks & Regards,
[Your Name]

#2 – Template 2

Keep your emails short and precise because nobody likes to read long and boring emails. And, don’t forget to add a clear call-to-action line at the end of the email.

Hello, [name]

I know that you probably receive a bulk of emails every day from the readers of your blog [website name]. So, I’ll keep it simple and short…

I see that you publish some really great contents about the topics like [Topic 1] and [Topic 2]. I am writing a well-researched blog post on the topic [Blog Post Title] which might be a great addition to your blog.

Here are the links of my few latest blog posts:

[Link #1]
[Link #2]

Do you mind if I send you the draft to publish on your blog?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and Regards,
[Your Name]

#3 – Template 3

Sometimes, telling them that you randomly stumbled upon their website, while researching for something, really works. And, also add a list of 2-4 topics that you can write pretty good articles on.

Hey [Name],

I was researching about [Topic] this afternoon and stumbled upon your site [Website Name] - great collection of high-quality articles.

I am reaching out to you to contribute a high-quality post to your blog. Below are the topics on which I can write a well-researched post:

[Topic 1]
[Topic 2]
[Topic 3]

Looking forward to hearing from you with one of the topics above and I’d be sending you the draft as soon as possible.

[Your Name]

#4 – Template 4

Provide them with the few topics that you can write on and adding links to your till-date best writings would be a bonus. They will get to understand more about you and your writing style.

And, that’s what your primary focus should be.

Hi [Name],

[Your Name] here.

I am a huge fan of your site [Their Website] and have really been enjoying your writings.

I’m not here to waste your precious time, instead, I have some new post ideas that your readers would certainly love to read. And, I was wondering if you’d be open to a guest blog post.

Here are the ideas:

[Topic 1]
[Topic 2]
[Topic 3]

To give you an idea of my writing style, here are two of my best posts that I’m linking:

[Your Post 1]
[Your Post 2]

Thanks for taking the time to read this email. I can’t wait to hear from you.

[Your Name] from [Your Website]

#5 – Template 5

Here comes the template which I was talking about.

This template has got me 5+ guest posts published.

Yes, sometimes, being a bit descriptive does work. Attach the niches you write on, link to the best blog post that you have ever written, and the list of topics that you want to write on.

Hi [Name],

My name is [Your Name] and I blog at [Your Website].

I came through your website [Their Website] this morning while researching for a [Topic].

And, I must admit - it’s great.

However, I write about [Topic 1], [Topic 2], [Topic 3], etc. which might be a good fit as a guest post for your website.

Here’s an example of my writing: [Your Best Post Link]

I haven’t started writing yet, but once you confirm a topic from the below list, it’d take me 1-2 days to complete and send it over to you.

Here’s the list of topics that I can write a high-quality article on:

[Topic 1]
[Topic 2]
[Topic 3]
[Topic 4]

Waiting eagerly to listen from you with one of the above-mentioned topics.

Thanks & Regards,
[Your Name] from [Your Website]
Guest Posting isn't Dead

Wrapping it Up

So, that’s it.

Besides these proven-to-work templates, always be creative and try to keep yourself in the position of the person you’re sending the email to.

Would you read an email that is a cluster of 500 words?

I guess, no. And, your readers will also not read.

So, try to keep your emails precise, to the point, and easily understandable.

Also, check out the 20+ Best Guest Post Email Subjects.

Now, it’s time to listen from you.

Which email outreach template are you gonna use – the #5 or #1?

Or, maybe you have a query…

Let me know by dropping a quick comment, right now.