List of World’s Fastest Computers

You will never call your $1000-$1500 computer fast enough when you will come to know about some of the fastest computers in the world.

The fastest computers today are thousands times faster than our home computers. They can do trillion and trillions of calculations in just a second.

Currently (as of 2019), IBM has developed the world’s fastest supercomputer named Summit or OLCF-4 and its capacity is 200 petaFLOPS. Summit is being used at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (United States).

Here, I am listing out all the world’s fastest supercomputers with the year, company and country name.

So, here we go…

Fastest Super Computers List

Fastest Computers of the World

Computer Year Company Country
Z1 1938 Zuse Germany
Z3 1941 Zuse Germany
ENIAC 1946 UPenn United States
Whirlwind I 1951 MIT United States
AN/FSQ-7 1958 IBM United States
7090 1960 IBM United States
LARC 1960 UNIVAC United States
7030 Stretch 1961 IBM United States
Atlas 1962 Manchester computers United Kingdom
6600 1964 CDC United States
7600 1969 CDC United States
STAR-100 1974 CDC United States
Cray-1 1976 Cray United States
X-MP/4 1983 Cray United States
Cray-2 1985 Cray United States
Y-MP/832 1988 Cray United States
VP2600/10 1990 Fujitsu Japan
SX-3/44 1992 NEC Japan
CM-5/1024 1993 Thinking Machines United States
Numerical Wind Tunnel 1993 Fujitsu Japan
Paragon XP/S 140 1994 Intel United States
Numerical Wind Tunnel 1994 Fujitsu Japan
SR2201 1996 Hitachi Japan
CP-PACS 1996 Hitachi Japan
ASCI Red 1997 Intel United States
ASCI White 2000 IBM United States
ASCI White 2001 IBM United States
Earth Simulator 2002 NEC Japan
Blue Gene/L 2004 IBM United States
Blue Gene/L 2005 IBM United States
Blue Gene/L 2007 IBM United States
Roadrunner 2008 IBM United States
Jaguar 2009 Cray United States
Tianhe-1A 2010 NUDT China
K computer 2011 Fujitsu Japan
Sequoia (Blue Gene/Q) 2012 IBM United States
Titan 2012 Cray United States
Tianhe-2 2013 NUDT China
Sunway TaihuLight 2016 NRCPC China
Summit 2018 IBM United States
Summit 2019 IBM United States

That’s it.

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List of Fastest Computers in the World

Final Words

Supercomputers, which have been developed after 2017, are now, able to perform hundred quadrillion FLOPS (petaFLOPS or PFLOPS).

And, almost all the world’s fastest computers run Linux operating system.

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