Low Rated Google Chrome Extensions [< 2.5 Stars]

If you’re looking for some inspiration to build Chrome extensions, here’s a list of 100+ Google Chrome extensions that did not take off.

The failure reasons for these extensions might be:

  • poor execution of ideas
  • less or no marketing
  • devs didn’t follow users’ feedback, etc.

Most of the neglected Chrome extensions mentioned here have more than 10,000 downloads — means there’s a demand but the extensions weren’t able to fulfill it.

And, you always have an option to make it better and relaunch on the Chrome Webstore. These extension ideas are already validated by thousands of downloads — it just needs a fresh approach to it.


100+ Low Rated Google Chrome Extensions (Less than 2.5 Star Ratings)

The list here is in no specific order.

ChromEx AddOnExtend the functionality of ChromEx.productivityExplore
Indexing TestTest if the URL is indexed by GoogleaccessibilityExplore
Cars Lambo Ferrari GTR BMWCars Wallpapers New Tab turns new tab to custom themes with HD car wallpaper backgrounds.funExplore
FormApps ExtensionRozšíření pro práci s elektronickými formuláři Software602 a.s.productivityExplore
Firma con tokenExtensión que permite firmar digitalmente con token, desde su navegador Chrome.communicationExplore
Chrome SnakePlay snake at any time just by opening a new tabfunExplore
Barracuda Chromebook SecurityDesigned to protect you from malicious and inappropriate web content.productivityExplore
Cookie WatchProvides fast removal of cookies, tracking cookies, browsing & download history, and caches.accessibilityExplore
Package Tracker ExpressAccess a package tracking tool and custom web search from your New Tab page.search toolsExplore
IA4ChromeExtension Interact For Chrome BrowserproductivityExplore
Flappybird Game New TabThis highly addictive arcade game has spawned a worldwide Flappy Bird craze.funExplore
Urkund for G Suite ExtensionIntegrates Urkund with Google Classroom by allowing teachers to send student submissions directly to Urkund.productivityExplore
Microsoft Windows recorder (V1)Desktop flows automate manual business processes across on-premises and cloud apps and services.productivityExplore
My Office ToolsSearch and access popular office quick links instantly from your new tab page!search toolsExplore
Eclipse IDE onlineThis extension is the Eclipse IDE provided onlineproductivityExplore
Multimedia SearchAn efficient tool that supports the search of over 20 file types.search toolsExplore
JavaScript-Java BridgeA replacement for the Java Plugin, so Java Applets that use LiveConnect but have no graphics continue to work.web developmentExplore
Media HintUse the Media Hint service to access the content you need on the internet.funExplore
IRIS@CurtinCurtin Intelligent Remote Invigilation SystemcommunicationExplore
AUSkey for ChromePlease download and run the AUSkey Installer first from https://abr.gov.au/software-auskeyproductivityExplore
Hunter X Hunter Wallpaper AnimeEnjoy Hunter x Hunter wallpapers in custom new tab themes made for Hunter x Hunter fans.funExplore
Harry Potter Wallpaper NewTabHarry Potter wallpapers. Themes made for Harry Potter fans. Cool features, Harry Potter backgrounds.photosExplore
BleanerThis cool extension removes bloat for the page leading to a faster leaner browsing experienceaccessibilityExplore
Maps NowGet access to maps tools & websites along with custom web search from your new tab.search toolsExplore
Virtway EventsVirtway EventscommunicationExplore
Download Bilibili videosThe best solution to download Bilibili anime shows, videos, manga, subtitles, thumbnails, filmstrip, tags.funExplore
Tic Tac ToeA fun tic tac toe game.funExplore
Dinosaur Game LauncherLaunch Chrome’s dinosaur game in a new tab, and play it even while online. Keyboard shortcut: Alt+Shift+D.funExplore
Fortnite HD Battle RoyaleFortnite Wallpapers turns new tab to custom themes with Fortnite Battle Royale backgrounds.photosExplore
Startfenster.de SucheSuchen mit Startfenster.desearch toolsExplore
Nature Wallpapers LandscapesNature is custom new tab themes with cool features & nature landscapes backgrounds.photosExplore
Solitaire Collection & FreeCell DealPlay Solitaire, Spider & FreeCell. Lookup FreeCell Deals by Game Number. 10000+ free card games.funExplore
Download FlipaClip For PCComprehensive drawing tool for creating stories on your smartphone with tons of different tools.communicationExplore
Search101Take your browser experience up a notch.search toolsExplore
TRAVIC-SignBrowsererweiterung zur SignaturerstellungproductivityExplore
LearnPlatform for StudentsProvides school administrators an easy way to measure student engagement with EdTech products.productivityExplore
Doodle Jumper – popup gameDoodle Jumper – a free game available in your browser. Jump vs your friend. Original port.funExplore
AssetViewAssetView plugin.productivityExplore
Page RulerPage Ruler is for measuring objects on web pages. Measure it width and height in pixels.accessibilityExplore
Search-BSearch-B extension allows you to quickly find and view search results directly from the address bar & new tab.search toolsExplore
Students Learn TogetherStudents Learn Together New Tabsearch toolsExplore
Bark for ChromeMonitor chrome web browsing for inappropriate content.communicationExplore
Harley Quinn Wallpaper NewTabTurn new tab to custom Harley Quinn wallpapers. Themes made for Harley Quinn fans.funExplore
DjVu Viewer ExtensionDjVu Viewer Extension for Google ChromeproductivityExplore
CryptoPro Extension for CAdESРасширение позволяет использовать КриптоПро ЭЦП Browser plug-in в браузере.web developmentExplore
ICBC Chrome ExtensionChrome Extension of ICBC Internet Banking for tendyron USB-Shield.web developmentExplore
krunker.io aimbothttps://github.com/Reptillo/Krunker-hackfunExplore
TorrentsFinder – поиск торрентовОфициальное расширение поможет найти нужный файл в 2 клика.accessibilityExplore
Quick RecipesEnjoy easy access to Recipes and web search, free on your Chrome New Tab Extension.funExplore
share me for pcQuickly share images, videos, music, apps, and files between mobile devices anytime and anywhere you want,bloggingExplore
ICBCNewChromeExtensionICBC new chrome extension.web developmentExplore
Protect My Search AppAccess safety indicators on your search results page to avoid harmful sites with our Search extension.search toolsExplore
DHL eShopBuy items directly from top USA and UK Stores and have them shipped to your doorstep guaranteed by DHL.shoppingExplore
Tropics WallpapersTropics wallpapers.search toolsExplore
Browse SafelyDisplays SitesRank Scores of domains in the autocomplete suggestions of the Chrome address bar.search toolsExplore
PowerSmashThis extension configures your Default Search to PowerSmash and Quick Acess to Bookmarkssearch toolsExplore
Quick EmailAccess popular email accounts via quick links instantly from your new tab page!search toolsExplore
Rocks Network CORS FixFixes CORS related errors for when the API doesn’t workweb developmentExplore
Disney Wallpapers HD New TabDisney Wallpapers New Tab is a custom newtab with hd Disney wallpaper backgrounds.funExplore
Sports Search for Chrome™Provides quick access in autocomplete to search for sports results.search toolsExplore
IIT End User CA-1. SignDesigned to control private keys and certificates of CA users and to sign and encrypt user datacommunicationExplore
Impero Cloud ExtensionExtension to provide Impero Classroom Cloud with greater poweraccessibilityExplore
eParaksts signing extensioneParaksts signing extensionproductivityExplore
Unicorn Wallpapers HD UnicornsTurn new tab to custom unicorn wallpapers. Themes are designed for unicorn fans.photosExplore
Geometry Dash Game New TabA-frame and jump on different platforms to prevent the lens from falling into the traps you have prepared.funExplore
Parago AgentParago agent for Chromebooks that are managed via Google Admin.accessibilityExplore
NebulaCertURLMonNebulaCert URL MonitoraccessibilityExplore
Dogs & Puppies WallpapersDogs & puppies wallpapers.search toolsExplore
Download Facetime for PC & MACFacetime for pc is here. Available for windows computer to run facetime in it.communicationExplore
Mobile GuardianMobile Guardian AppcommunicationExplore
Safe DocProtect your students with manageable Google Workspace for Education featuresproductivityExplore
FormSwift PDF EditorEdit, sign, convert, and fax PDFs from Gmail or the web.productivityExplore
CKAuthenticatorContentKeeper AuthenticatorproductivityExplore
Home Seek TabExtension adding Home Seek search engine to Chrome. Alternative search results on homeseektab.com.search toolsExplore
Winter Snow Wallpapers NewTabTurn new tab to custom winter snow wallpapers. Themes made for winter snow fans.photosExplore
YouTube PartyWatch videos together with friends on youtube!communicationExplore
3D Wallpapers3D Wallpapers.search toolsExplore
Nature – Ocean Beach WallpapersNature Wallpapers turn new tab to custom themes with nature ocean beach backgrounds.photosExplore
Chrome IPTV PlayerChrome IPTV Player for M3U files (m3u8) with EPG (xmltv).funExplore
Change My CursorChange your cursor to any picture you like!funExplore
Gamers TabGamers Tab New Tabsearch toolsExplore
AssetView Web filter extensionAssetView Web filter extensionproductivityExplore
Horses Wallpapers HD New TabHorses Wallpapers New Tab turns new tab to custom themes with hd horse wallpaper backgrounds.photosExplore
PDF editor onlineCreate and edit PDF files with PDF editor onlineproductivityExplore
Think ExamCapture full-screen on thinkexam test panelweb developmentExplore
Nyan Cat Wallpaper New TabTurn new tab to custom Nyan Cat wallpapers. Themes are designed for Nyan Cat fans.funExplore
Spiderman Wallpapers MarvelSpiderman Wallpapers turns new tab to custom themes with hd Marvel Spider-Man wallpaper backgrounds.photosExplore
YourTV Chrome extensionYourTV Chrome extensionfunExplore
Blue Prism Browser ExtensionThis extension provides connectivity between the browser and Blue Prism.web developmentExplore
Open local file linksSince opening local file links is disabled in Chrome, this extension allows to open them. (in html/svg a tags)accessibilityExplore
iboss cloud Enterpriseiboss cloud EnterpriseproductivityExplore
RapidIdentityProvides Form-Fill SSO capabilities when used with Identity Automation’s RapidIdentity productproductivityExplore
Acronis MassTransitAcronis MassTransit Web ExtensionaccessibilityExplore
Replace FaviconConfuse your friends by replacing the faviconaccessibilityExplore
Kahoot FlooderFlood a Kahoot on your computer using only Chrome!funExplore
Social Video DownloaderSocial Video Downloader – Download Videos directly from Facebook ™ in HD quality with one simple click.communicationExplore
NBA Kobe Bryant WallpapersEnjoy NBA Kobe Bryant wallpapers in custom new tab themes made for NBA Kobe Bryant fans.sportsExplore
QCLean:Remove Facebook AdsRemove ads, suggested pages and posts on Newsfeed of Facebook.accessibilityExplore
Netop Vision Student ExtensionSave time, enhance learning, and keep students safe in the digital classroom.productivityExplore
FBDown – FB video downloaderFacebook Video Downloader to MP4 & FB Thumbnail DownloadercommunicationExplore
Pokemon Backgrounds PikachuPokemon Wallpapers New Tab is a custom newtab with hd Pokemon & Pikachu wallpaper backgrounds.funExplore
Sonic The Hedgehog WallpaperSonic The Hedgehog Wallpapers New Tab is a custom new tab with Sonic the Hedgehog backgrounds.funExplore
Avatar PlusAllows you to use any paid/off-sale items on Roblox in supported games for free!funExplore
Saviscio eID ReaderBrowser extension that provides access to eID via a native appaccessibilityExplore
BridgyBridgy connects your website to social media. This extension adds Facebook and Instagram support.bloggingExplore
Test IETest websites in all versions of real Internet Explorer (IE6 – IE11) and Edge straight from Chrome browser.web developmentExplore

That’s it.

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