How I Use Mailerlite as a Blogger

I started using Mailerlite back in August 2020 and never looked back ever since. Earlier, I tried several other email marketing platforms but nothing quite worked out for me.

Currently, I am engaging an audience of 12,000+ email subscribers by using Mailerlite — it’s cheaper, easier to manage, and has high deliverability (more than 45% email open rate is no joke, right?).

Mailerlite Email Open Rates

And, I am writing this post to explain how I use Mailerlite as a blogger. I will be posting lots of screenshots here and trying to explain my use case.

Let’s dive right in…

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Using Mailerlite as a blogger

I use Mailerlite in the following 4 ways:

  1. To capture email addresses by providing free PDFs (lead capture)
  2. To automatically send PDFs to people who requested (automation)
  3. To send a bi-weekly newsletter (email newsletter)
  4. To run a 7-day email course (automation)

Now, let’s expand on each of these use cases.

1. To capture email addresses

As a call to action, I do not like showing my website visitors a simple form saying “subscriber to my newsletter” because it doesn’t work. Instead, I provide them something of great value for free, and then they would happily provide their email address.

And, Mailerlite has been very helpful in doing that. I can easily create some great-looking pop-ups or embedded forms and add them to my website. I use WordPress and the process is so easy that I don’t even need any technical assistance from anyone.

Mailerlite Popup Forms

Above is an example of a simple pop-up form that I created using Mailerlite form builder. I know this doesn’t look that fancy (I like to keep things simple) but there are tons of eye-catching templates that you can use.

Mailerlite Pop-up Templates

As soon as the user submits their email address, the form redirects them to a thank you page where I thank them and explain what they should expect from me.

2. To automatically send PDFs

When users provide their emails, I have to send them the lead magnets or PDFs without having them wait even for a minute. And, then Mailerlite’s automation features come into play.

I have set up the automation in a way that it automatically sends them the freebies almost instantly and then sends another email the next day providing some extra resources for free. And, then another email after 2 days asking if they enjoyed the PDF.

Mailerlite Workflow Emails

I also ask them to reply to the emails (which several subscribers do) and it does help me maintain a better reputation among various personal email service providers like Gmail.

3. To send a bi-weekly newsletter

I also run a newsletter of 7,000+ people by using Mailerlite. Initially, I couldn’t figure out a way to show all the newsletter archives on a single page but now I know and it works like a charm.

I have created a simple landing page by using Mailerlite’s website builder functionality and then get people to subscribe to the newsletter by sending traffic from my website to that subscribe page.

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4. To run a 7-day email course

I am also using Mailerlite to offer a 7-day free email course for SEO on my new project called UntalkedSEO. Currently, it’s new with just a few hundred subscribers and I am using the free version of Mailerlite for that.

7-day email course

I have created an automation series containing 7 emails that educate the subscriber about SEO. After a user subscribes, Mailerlite automatically sends them one email every day for the next 7 days (the best thing is the emails are sent at the same time every day when the user first subscribed). I think this further contributes to increasing the email open rates.

Final words

Mailerlite is up to 50% cheaper than other famous email marketing platforms while still providing the same level of high-quality service. I have compared Mailerlite with AWeber which you can take a look at.

Anyways, if you’re looking for a reliable yet affordable email marketing service that provides almost everything that you can think of, Mailerlite is your tool.

The price starts from only $9 per month (for 1000 subscribers) and you can get a free 30-days trial if you signup using this link.

For your information, a credit card is not needed to start the free trial.

That’s it.

If you have any related queries, feel free to shoot me in the comments below.

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  1. MC Carter says:

    Hi Deepak. Thanks for your article. Lots of valuable tips! Question for you… did you consider using Mailerlite for your website and blog, rather than WordPress? How closely did you evaluate or test Mailerlite websites / landing pages / blog abilities? I’m curious, as I am considering switching our site and blog from WP to Mailerlite.

    1. DeepakNess says:

      Hi MC,

      Glad you liked the post. While I have heard only good things about the Mailerlite website/blog builder, I have only tested it on a test domain and haven’t used it on an actual project.

      And if you’re considering moving from WordPress to Mailerlite, I’d say go for it. The Mailerlite support is excellent and will support you if you get stuck somewhere.

      All the best.