Mailfence Review – Secure & Privacy-focused Email Service Provider

I’m using the tool as my default email service now and decided to write a detailed Mailfence Review.

You might not have heard about Mailfence but it’s around since 1999 offering fully dedicated privacy-focused email service provider.

Protected by the Belgian privacy protection law, it offers an end-to-end encrypted email service which provides the users with privacy and security they deserve.

This browser-based service adds another level of security to your account with its two-factor authentication system and does zero trackings of your personal information.

So, here’s the detailed review of the service:

Features of the Mailfence

In order to know more, let’s take a closer look at all the great features of the Mailfence.

1. Privacy Protection by Belgian Law

The privacy protection law of Belgium is very strong. Only the Belgian judges can request more information and they must have a court order to do so.

And, the Mailfence is protected by the Belgian law; means no one will have access to your personal data. No third party can get access to your important data and emails.

Mailfence Email Service Official Website

2. Zero Tracking

Some of the other popular email service providers like Gmail tracks every single email sent or received through its server. And, Mailfence is a great Gmail alternative which respects its users’ privacy and doesn’t track anything.

You will never see any interest-based ads, spams, trackers, solicitations, backdoor either. It is completely free from government surveillance.

3. Simple and Easy to Use

The user interface is pretty simple and easy to use. I didn’t require any tutorial while using Mailfence for the very first time. When I first logged in, it asked me to create an email ID and I got started within seconds.

Here’s how it looks when you open the email interface:


4. Requires No Installation

The service doesn’t require any kind of installation or set up on your computer while getting started. You just sign up for the required service with your existing email ID and you’re done.

And, the most amazing thing about Mailfence is that it works everywhere regardless of the operating system, device or browser.

5. Digital signatures and OpenPGP keys

Mailfence digitally signs every single email you send through its interface making it almost impossible for the hackers to hack into. Its end-to-end encryption (E2EE) method encrypts all the data that are sent.

Also, you can create your very own OpenPGP keys and store them at any secure place in order to sign documents digitally with the highest security.

6. SMTP, POP and IMAP Support

All the popular email protocols like SMTP, POP, IMAP, etc. are supported. It allows its users to send and receive emails across various email providers.

If needed, it can also be integrated with the other popular email clients.

7. 2F Authentication

Mailfence offers 2F authentication which is a type of multi-factor authentication which safeguards the account security by adding an extra layer of authentication.

2F authentication

8. Documents, Calendars and Contacts

Mailfence is not just an email service provider, it is much more than that.
It has:

  • Calendars – It allows you to manage your appointments and to-do lists. It will never let you miss anything important.
  • Documents – You can store, create and share any important documents from its document storage section.
  • Contacts – It also has a contact management system where you can import your contacts from all your accounts and use the group feature to manage them easily.

9. Custom Domain Email Support

The free version lets you create emails like [email protected] only, but the paid version lets your custom domain emails integrate with it.

I have integrated my domain email and it is working super awesome.

10. Connect Documents Storage to Your Local Computer

One of the best features I liked about the Mailfence is that it lets you connect the cloud document storage with your local computer easily.


Since currently, I’m on my Windows 10 device, I added it as new network storage and documents can now be uploaded to the cloud directly from my computer’s file manager without logging into the web interface. Take a look at the above image.

Look and Feel

Below are some screenshots which you can take a look at to understand more about the looks and feel of the Mailfence email service.

Pros and Cons

I’m not saying Mailfence as the perfect email service provider, there are some negatives too which I will definitely address.

So, let’s take a quick look at the positives and negatives of the service.


  • Two-factor authentication
  • Safe and secure to use
  • Doesn’t track any of your contents
  • Protected by Belgian law
  • Stable and secure services
  • 24×7 quick response support
  • Affordable pricing
  • Features like calendars & documents
  • Accepts payments in cryptocurrencies


  • The interface looks kind of old
  • Doesn’t have a desktop or mobile apps

Pricing Plan

I find the Mailfence pricing plan to be very affordable for both individuals as well as the businesses.

It also has a free plan which offers 500 MB space for emails and 500 MB for documents but with limited features like no custom domain email support and only 1000 events entry in the calendar.

It has basically 3 paid plans called Entry, Pro and Business.

  • Entry plan – €2.50 per month
  • Pro plan – €7.50 per month
  • Business plan – Custom pricing

You can see the detailed explanation of the plans in the screenshot below:


Visit the  Mailfence official website for more information on this.

Wrapping it up

Creating a Mailfence is extremely easy and anyone can get started for free in the beginning to know how it works.
It doesn’t compromise with the users’ privacy and lets you enjoy the high-level built-in encryption with full PGP control and interoperability.

Now, I’m using Mailfence as my default email service and have also added my custom domain emails to it.

That’s it.

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Now, let me put this to you.

Which secure email service provider do you use? Mailfence or any other?

Or maybe you have a related query.

Either way, let me know by dropping a quick comment right now.

Also, share this article with the people who you think might be interested in reading it.

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  1. is this provider reconized everywhere? will all accept it as a default email service?

    1. Yes, it is recognized everywhere. You can also add your custom domain in the paid plan.

  2. If you like having an email account for three weeks then getting locked out at login for no explicable reason; if you like no longer being able to access your valuable contacts and email folders migrated from other email accounts; if you like the idea of no IT support after 6 months of query; if you like having your personal/private property STOLEN by a fraudulent email service…Mailfence may be right for you!

    1. DeepakNess says:

      I had no idea, I will check it out.