Is Microsoft Edge Still Struggling to Beat the Google Chrome?

After the very poor performance of the Internet Explorer, Microsoft did come with a brand new browser called Edge. (Of course, you know this, but It was necessary to write 😉 )

Okay, so the real question is, Is Edge Still Struggling to Beat Chrome?

And, my short answer to this question would be “Yes“.

But, I will be explaining this with facts and figures in detail. So, let’s start the comparison…

Google Chrome
Source: Google

Quick Comparison Between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

To show this in a visually attractive way, let me show the comparison between the various popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozzila Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. by using a beautiful table.

Here’s the market share of a few popular browsers…

Chrome Edge/IE Firefox Safari Opera
2019 79.7 % 4.0 % 10.0 % 3.4 % 1.6 %


So, did you see how far is the difference between the market shares of Google Chrome (79.7%) and Microsoft Edge (4.0%)? [According to the W3Schools]

However, different websites have reported different market share statistics between the web browsers but still, the difference is pretty large. According to the, the market share of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (including IE) is 62.41% and 4.74% respectively.

Microsoft Edge
Source: Microsoft

However, the market share is not satisfactory, but it’s growing for sure. And, of course, one can’t say it’s good or bad by looking at the market shares…

Try using Edge to know it. And, decide yourself.

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So, Why does Microsoft Edge Lag Behind?

Edge takes after Internet Explorer 11, however with significantly littler borders, fewer icons, and a streamlined toolbar intended to reflect Microsoft’s new Windows 10 UI.

A single address-search bar likewise runs the width of the page, alongside a trio of the feature includes that incorporate astounding PDF capacities, digital book peruser support with Windows Store tie-ins, Windows Ink support, perusing perspective, and Cortana mix.

Microsoft also claims that the device running Edge has the highest battery life as compared to the other browsers.

Battery Life Comparison between Browsers
Source: onmsft

Then, What’s the Real Problem with Edge?

On the drawback, Edge has moderately thin extensions support, and it doesn’t take into account much customization. While quick, its pared-down interface can feel excessively no frills now and again.

Note that Microsoft has progressively strong iOS and Android variants, thus keeping your bookmarks and passwords in a state of harmony while you’re in a hurry is at last a plausibility with Edge.

Key Takeaway

I’m not saying that the Edge is a bad browser. I have used it quite a few months and found it pretty good enough when it comes to laptop’s battery life, loading speed and compatibility with the Windows 10.

And, as you know that Microsoft Edge gets an update with the each Windows update, so if you’re looking for a browser a bit more experimental than Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, then the Edge might be a good option.

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