pCloud Review – pCloud vs Dropbox vs Google Drive vs OneDrive

3 years ago I lost my laptop, and after that, I started storing all my important files on cloud storage.

But, I was always confused about which is the most secure and overall the best cloud storage service?

And, now I have found one.

You must have heard about Google Drive and Dropbox, but have you heard about the pCloud yet?

Well, recently, I also got to know about the pCloud cloud storage and have literally stopped using Google Drive.

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In this post, I will be talking about the pCloud features and pros-cons in detail.

So, let’s quickly get along with the pCloud review:

pCloud is a feature-rich cloud storage service that provides military-grade encryption and security for all your important files. With its affordable pricing, easy accessibility, and file versioning features, it becomes one of the best available cloud storage services. Learn more

pCloud Review

What is pCloud?

pCloud is a secure cloud storage service where you can store, share, and work on your files from any device. It’s just like Google Drive, but with unbreakable military-grade security.

With the pCloud Drive feature, you can easily upload files to the cloud storage which instantly syncs among all your connected devices. This feature lets you attach cloud storage like external storage to your computer.

Visit Official Website of the pCloud

pCloud Web Interface

Features of the pCloud

This storage service is packed with a lot of great features; some of the amazing ones are:

1. Great File Management

pCloud makes the management of a large number of files and folders very easy. It has a very powerful search feature that lets users search for any file or folder within seconds.

It also has a Filter feature which you can use to filter all your files by their file format to quickly find what you are looking for.

And, if you delete a file then it stays in the Trash folder for a certain amount of days and you can always recover accidentally deleted files with just a click.

2. File Sharing

No other service can beat the File Sharing feature of the pCloud.

Sharing pCloud Files

You can easily share any file or folder with other users and set permission whether they can make changes or just take a look. It also has a password-protected file sharing feature which is not even offered by Google Drive. You can even set an expiration date on the download links that you share.

And, my personal favorite feature is that you can even create upload links for a folder and people will be able to upload files to that folder even if they don’t have a pCloud account.

3. File Versioning

pCloud stores various versions of your files for a specific period of time. This means if you accidentally made some changes to a file, and now want the previous version of the file, then just click on the restore previous versions and the selected old version will be restored.

With its rewind feature, you can go back in time and see all your files as those were a few days ago. There’s also an extended file history feature that lets you record every change made in your account for up to 360 days.

4. Synchronization & Backup

Whether you are on your computer or on your mobile devices, pCloud synchronizes your data across all your devices instantly. Even if you lose your device, the chances of losing important data are 0%.

Its block-level sync feature syncs all your files instantly.

With the pCloud mobile app, you can backup all your existing and future photos and videos from your smartphone automatically.

5. Security

With its TLS/SSL encryption feature, the chances of data theft or hack minimize to zero. All your files are stored on 3 highly secure server locations. But, if you need even more security then subscribe to its pCloud Crypto feature (paid addon) which offers military-grade security to all your files and keeps them encrypted & password protected.

According to their website,  pCloud invited 2860 best hackers of the world and challenged them to break its encryption for an exchange of $100,000. But, surprisingly no one could break into their security system.

6. Accessibility

In my opinion, the ideal cloud storage service would be the service that covers almost all the devices. And, pCloud is very successful in doing that.

From the pCloud’s web interface to individual apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS – it can be accessed from any device at any time.

pCloud Accessibility

It also has a pCloud Drive feature which gets connected to your computer as external storage and doesn’t count against your computer’s local storage. This feature is very handy for Mac users.

7. Integrations

pCloud provides integrations with the many popular services like Onedrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. By backing up all your photos from your Facebook and Instagram; it never lets your memories fade away.

It also has a plugin for backing up your WordPress site on the pCloud server with just a click.

I have recently connected my Facebook as well Instagram account with the pCloud backup and now, all the photos that I have uploaded on these platforms to date got backed up in highly organized folders.

Backup Facebook & Instagram with pCloud

Pros and Cons of pCloud


  • Easy to use interface
  • Military-grade encryption (AES TLS/SSL 256 Bit)
  • Accessible on all devices and browsers
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Music and video streaming through mobile apps
  • Gets added to your computer as an external drive
  • Instant files syncing with the block-level sync feature
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Offers lifetime access plans
  • Integrations with Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Easy download and upload links feature


  • pCloud Crypto available as a paid addon only
  • Doesn’t have Google Docs like feature

pCloud vs Google Drive vs Dropbox

So, here is a quick comparison of features offered by Google Drive, Dropbox, and the pCloud.

Virtual Drive✅Yes❌No❌No❌No
Automatic Photos
Military Grade
Security and
Music Streaming✅Yes❌No✅Yes✅Yes
File Sync Client
for Windows
File Sync Client
for Mac
File Sync Client
for Linux
Android App✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes
iOs App✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes
Direct Link File
Password Protected
File Sharing
Expiration Date on
Shared Files
Any Data Breach✅Never❌Yes❌Yes✅No
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Pricing Comparison

Free Plan10 GB2 GB15 GB5 GB
(500 GB)
(2 TB)
(100 GB)
(100 GB)
Access Plan
  • $175 for 500 GB
  • $350 for 2 TB
Not availableNot availableNot available
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Certainly, pCloud wins here.

pCloud for Life Banner

Final Words

So, if you are looking for something cheaper as well as highly secure and cloud storage for sensitive files, then pCloud is certainly the winner.

But, if you prioritize other features like file collaborations, then you should probably consider going with Google Drive or Dropbox.

🚀 See even more Detailed Comparison of pCloud vs Google Drive

It’s all up to you now. Choose the service which is the best suitable as per your requirements.

Also, it is time to hear from you.

Which cloud storage service are you currently using or planning to use?

Or, maybe you have any related queries.

Either way, let me know in the comments right now.

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  1. Emilia Maer says:

    Pretty good article, I agree with you! pCloud have a cool 2FA feature, too, which makes me feel even more secure.
    For the CONS mentioned: I use pCloud Drive and can edit my files while in the account directly so there is a workaround, but that is not possible via the web and the mobile app. After I have asked their support, they confirmed that the MS Office or Google Docs or likewise service will be integrated with them, so I am one happy Lifetimer of theirs, who is waiting for the new features and improvements with just a little bit more excitement than I have expected, but they develop fast.

    1. Thanks, Emilia for your kind words.
      Yes, I’m also excited about the Document Collaboration features by the pCloud. Hope they bring MS Office and Google Docs like features soon.