pCloud vs Dropbox – Who Wins?

Both pCloud and Dropbox are cloud storage services, but there are certain differences that you need to know before going for “the one”.

Dropbox is well-known as an expert on cloud storage services for years. pCloud is relatively new but provides direct competition to Dropbox when it comes to pricing and encryption.

Let dive right in, and have a closer look at the comparison:

pCloud vs Dropbox

Feature Comparison

Password protected file sharingYes 🟢Yes 🟢
Expiration date on shared filesYes 🟢No 🔴
End-to-end encryptionYes 🟢Partial 🟡
Any previous data breachNever 🟢Yes 🔴
Military-grade encryptionYes 🟢No 🔴
256-bit AES encryptionYes 🟢Yes 🟢
Virtual driveYes 🟢No 🔴
File sync client for LinuxYes 🟢Yes 🟢
File sync client for WindowsYes 🟢Yes 🟢
File sync client for MacYes 🟢Yes 🟢
Android appYes 🟢Yes 🟢
iOs appYes 🟢Yes 🟢
Automatic photos backupYes 🟢No 🔴
File sharingYes 🟢Yes 🟢
2F authenticationYes 🟢Yes 🟢
Music streamingYes 🟢No 🔴
Free tierYes 🟢Yes 🟢
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Price Comparison

Free plan limit10 GB2 GB
Cheapest plan$4.99/month
(500 GB)
(2 TB)
Lifetime access (500 GB)$175 (one time)Not available
Lifetime access (2 TB)$350 (one time)Not available
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pCloud Features

  • Powerful search and filter feature
  • File sharing with expiration date and password protection
  • Stores various versions of your files
  • Block-level sync feature
  • Military-grade security and encryption (AES TLS/SSL 256 Bit)
  • File sync clients available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS
  • Offers integrations with Onedrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Music and video streaming through mobile apps
  • Connects to your computer as an external drive
  • Has lifetime access plan too
  • Easy download and upload links feature
  • Cross-platform – accessible on all platforms and browsers
  • 24×7 customer support

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What I don’t like

  • pCloud Crypto is available as a paid addon only
  • Doesn’t have Dropbox Paper like document collaboration feature

Wrapping it up

Well! Dropbox is good – no doubts. But, pCloud has better features at a lesser price. Also, pCloud offers better security and encryption features than Dropbox.

So, if you’re looking for a cloud storage service for the long-term (and secure too) then I will definitely suggest you go with pCloud. The lifetime access plan that pCloud offers make me love it even more.

🚀 Let’s imagine a scenario: You decide to get 2 TB of cloud storage.

Dropbox: $9.99 per month
pCloud: $350 for lifetime (one time)

Meaning, for $350, you can get pCloud for a lifetime but Dropbox for just 35 months (approx).

That’s it.

So, what do you think – who wins? pCloud or Dropbox?

Any related queries are welcome in the comments below.

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