pCloud vs Google Drive – Who Wins?

If you store your data on the cloud then you must have heard about Google Drive; but might not have heard about pCloud.

pCloud is much like Google Drive where you can store your photos, videos & other files and access them from any computer or smartphone. But… it’s much cheaper and better (in many sense) than Google Drive.

Yes, let me elaborate:

pCloud vs Google Drive

Feature Comparison

Password protected file sharingYes 🟢No 🔴
Expiration date on shared filesYes 🟢No 🔴
End-to-end encryptionYes 🟢Partial 🟡
Any previous data breachNever 🟢Yes 🔴
Military-grade encryptionYes 🟢No 🔴
256-bit AES encryptionYes 🟢No 🔴
Virtual driveYes 🟢No 🔴
File sync client for LinuxYes 🟢No 🔴
File sync client for WindowsYes 🟢Yes 🟢
File sync client for MacYes 🟢Yes 🟢
Android appYes 🟢Yes 🟢
iOs appYes 🟢Yes 🟢
Automatic photos backupYes 🟢Yes 🟢
File sharingYes 🟢Yes 🟢
2F authenticationYes 🟢Yes 🟢
Music streamingYes 🟢Yes 🟢
Free tierYes 🟢Yes 🟢
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Price Comparison

Free plan limit10 GB15 GB
Cheapest plan$4.99/month
(500 GB)
(100 GB)
Lifetime access (500 GB)$175 (one time)Not available
Lifetime access (2 TB)$350 (one time)Not available
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pCloud Features

  • Powerful search and filter feature
  • File sharing with expiration date and password protection
  • Stores various versions of your files
  • Block-level sync feature
  • Military-grade security and encryption (AES TLS/SSL 256 Bit)
  • File sync clients available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS
  • Offers integrations with Onedrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Music and video streaming through mobile apps
  • Connects to your computer as an external drive
  • Has lifetime access plan too
  • Easy download and upload links feature
  • Cross-platform – accessible on all platforms and browsers
  • 24×7 customer support

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What I don’t like

  • pCloud Crypto is available as a paid addon only
  • Doesn’t have Google Docs like document collaboration feature

Wrapping it up

I will recommend Google Drive only if you can’t stay without Google Docs and you do not plan to use it for a long time.

If you’re looking for a cloud storage service for a long-term then I will definitely suggest you to go with pCloud. The lifetime access plan that pCloud offers makes me love it even more.

🚀 Let’s imagine a scenario: You decide to get 2 TB of cloud storage.

Google Drive: $9.99 per month
pCloud: $350 for lifetime (one time)

Meaning, for $350, you can get pCloud for a lifetime but Google Drive for just 35 months (approx).

That’s it.

So, what do you think – who wins? pCloud or Google Drive?

Any related queries are welcomed in the comments below.

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