Top 10 Best UFO Podcasts that You Must Listen to

If you love podcasts and are interested in UFO-related topics, here are the top 10 UFO Podcasts that you shouldn’t miss.

Let’s get directly to the list…

Best UFO Podcasts

1. Strange Arrivals

Strange Arrivals is a podcast that delves into the most famous cases of extraterrestrial encounters. In season three, host Toby Ball examines the consequences of theories developed by UFO researchers who tried to explain the phenomenon. The podcast explores the impact these theories had on people who believed they had experienced the paranormal.

If you’re a fan of history and the unexplained, this podcast is a must-listen. The host does a great job of presenting the stories in an engaging and informative way. With Strange Arrivals, you’ll learn about some of the most fascinating cases of extraterrestrial encounters and how they impacted those who experienced them. So, tune in and get ready to delve into the unknown.

2. Somewhere in the Skies

If you’re fascinated by the unexplained and UFOs, then Somewhere in the Skies is the podcast for you! Hosted by author and television host Ryan Sprague and journalist Chrissy Newton, this weekly podcast offers a deep dive into case histories, special guest interviews, and audio documentaries. Sprague and Newton explore the unknown with a critical eye and a sense of curiosity that will leave you wanting more.

3. UFO Garage

Hosted by Dave Scott, this show is all about aliens, UFOs and everything in between. Each episode is filled with fascinating stories, expert interviews and thought-provoking discussions that will leave you questioning what you thought you knew about the universe.

If you’ve ever been curious about the unknown or just have a fascination with extraterrestrial life, this podcast is the perfect fit for you. Dave Scott and his guests offer a unique perspective on the world of UFOs and delve deep into the mysteries surrounding them.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, UFO Garage is a captivating podcast that’s sure to entertain and enlighten.

4. It‘s Probably (not) Aliens!

  • Host: Tristan Johnson & Scott Niswander
  • Listen on: Spotify, Apple

This podcast that debunks the myths and lies presented in Ancient Aliens, hosted by historian Tristan Johnson and regular human person Scott Niswander. Each week, they explore the fascinating histories of ancient civilizations and reveal the hidden secrets behind ancient monuments and forgotten societies. By debunking the ancient astronaut theory, they hope to give listeners a greater appreciation for the impressive advancements of these ancient societies.

5. UFO Chronicles

With first-hand witness accounts from people all over the world, Nik takes you down the rabbit hole and into the strange and unexplained. From sightings of UFOs and alien abductions to encounters with Bigfoots and dark entities, this podcast will leave you with heart-stopping stories that will stay with you long after you’ve finished listening. And with uninterrupted monologues from everyday people, you’ll get a unique and personal insight into the paranormal that you won’t find anywhere else. Give it a listen – you won’t be disappointed.


  • Host: Shannon LeGro
  • Listen on: Spotify,

If you’re a fan of the paranormal, true crime, and all things supernatural, iNTO THE FRAY RADIO is a podcast you won’t want to miss. Host Shannon LeGro engages in one-on-one conversations with the top-rated investigators and experiencers in a variety of fields, including cryptozoology, UFOlogy, and more.

7. That UFO

  • Host: That UFO Podcast
  • Listen on: Apple

This podcast keeps you up to date with the latest news, interviews, and guests from the world of UFOs, UAP, and related phenomena. It’s insightful and informative, providing in-depth discussions on the topic that will keep you engaged. With a diverse range of guests from around the world, the podcast offers a unique perspective on the subject matter.

8. Open Minds UFO Radio

Hosted by Alejandro Rojas, this podcast provides a thorough examination of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) and related topics.

The podcast features interviews with experts and researchers in the field, who offer insightful perspectives and analysis on UAP sightings and government involvement. From analyzing leaked government documents to discussing the latest UFO sightings, this podcast provides a wealth of information for anyone interested in the topic.

Listeners will also appreciate the well-researched and thoughtful approach of the podcast, which avoids sensationalism and focuses on facts and evidence.

9. Mysterious Radio: Paranormal, UFO & Lore Interviews

Looking for a mind-expanding experience? Mysterious Radio with KTown is the podcast for you. Join top scientists, journalists, and researchers as they explore extraordinary events beyond our known reality. From paranormal activity and UFO phenomena to ancient artifacts and supernatural places, this podcast covers it all. With new episodes released frequently, make sure to hit the follow or subscribe button in your preferred podcast app to access all available episodes and never miss a release. Mysterious Radio is proudly produced by an independent podcast team.

10. Truth Be Told

  • Host: Tony Sweet
  • Listen on: Apple

With a live 1-hour radio/webtv show, this podcast invites the world’s leading experts to discuss topics such as UFO investigations, abductions, the Paranormal, secret societies, and historical moments and figures in history. The show’s host and founder Tony Sweet seeks answers to intriguing questions and encourages listeners to create their own truth based on each episode’s content.

Other cool podcasts:

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