5 Benefits of Launching on Product Hunt

There are numerous benefits of Product Hunt, it’s completely pointless to not launch your product on the platform.

When we launched Personal Websites, I thought no one is going to take a look at this simple collection of personal websites. But… people loved it and we ended up being the top #5 of the day. The response was unexpectedly amazing.

If launched strategically, your product will certainly get the benefits that it deserves. But make sure you have a suitable product for the Product Hunt community.

So, let’s take a look at the Product Hunt benefits now:

Product Hunt Benefits

Product Hunt Benefits

1. Website visitors

Most of the Product Hunt community members are mainly interested in SaaS, investing, entrepreneurship, business, tech, gaming, etc.

And, if your product falls into any of the mentioned categories, there are high chances that you will get a huge jumpstart.

To give you an idea, you may receive approx. 10,000+ website visitors if you end up at the #1 spot. Not to mention, it depends on how good your product is.

2. Signups and email subscribers

Not only the website visitors but you will also get hundreds of new customers and email subscribers too.

For example, Marketing Examples received 2,000 new email subscribers in the space of the first 72 hours.

Marketing Examples Product Hunt Launch

It is advisable to let your social media followers, email subscribers, and existing customers know about the launch.

3. Mentions

This is one of the main benefits of Product Hunt.

If you end up in the top #5 spot, tens of bloggers and journalists will reach out to you to feature you on their websites and newsletters. Getting links from multiple websites sends a lot of referral traffic to the website and also helps in SEO.

For example, we were top #5 of the day yet tens of blogs and newsletters mentioned us without even us knowing. I came to know about the mentions later when I was checking the website in Ahrefs.

Don’t forget to create a cool press kit from earlier for bloggers and journalists reaching out to you.

4. Honest feedback

No product is perfect!!!

Feedbacks from real users are extremely important to fix bugs and improve the user experience. And for honest feedbacks, no other place can be better than Product Hunt.

The community members not only support your product but also provide their feedback on the product. See an example:

Product Hunt Feedback
Some honest feedback I received on the Personal Website launch

It really helps!

5. Revenue

When 1000s of people visit your website, there are chances that you will get some real customers out of them. Some people may genuinely like the product and they can become a permanent customer of yours.

Some of the below launches took off entirely by the effects of Product Hunt:

Basically, a decent Product Hunt launch provides an initial momentum to your product.