Product Hunt Inactive Projects [500+ Upvotes]

To start a business you need to validate the idea. Like, you can go to Twitter & other platforms and ask if people would use the app or can take feedback from various forums like Reddit. And, if you receive a positive response then only it’s worth going ahead with, right?

Yes, your idea needs to be validated and the process is not easy unless you have got huge social followings. But… there’s a way: Product Hunt.

Yes, Product Hunt is the gold mine of ideas, especially the projects that are no longer active. There are projects that have 1000s of upvotes, people loved them at the time but are not functional now.

You might argue that those projects failed because there may be no demand for them but… there’s a possibility that the idea was great but it wasn’t applied properly. There can be multiple reasons for a startup to fail.

On that note, we have put together a list of Product Hunt projects that failed or are no longer functional. But… only the ones having 500+ upvotes. 😻

📢 I agree that it’s kind of difficult to check the list one by one. And for that, we are also providing a free (and visually appealing) Airtable base with all the information at the bottom of this page.

Product Hunt inactive projects with 500+ upvotes

👉 Download the list as a PDF file or view it in a beautiful Airtable format.

Please note that the list is in the decreasing order of upvotes, which means the highest upvoted products are on the top.

Inbox by GoogleNext generation inbox3758Explore
Tribe 2.0Introducing Augmented Messaging™3708Explore
Real Pitch Decks From 40+ StartupsA collection of startup pitch decks that raised $1.4 Billion3621Explore
AccessURLShare access to accounts without sending a username/password3174Explore
Facebook Flat Chrome ExtensionMaking Facebook lighter, faster and more beautiful3001Explore
LilyA drone with a camera that follows you. Throw it in the air.2755Explore
Growth Hacking ToolsA curated collection of growth hacking tools2665Explore
Sketch for DesignersA growing collection of the best Sketch resources2639Explore
Sip by Product HuntDaily tappable tech news and stories.2401Explore
LifeTrackerAI-based to-do tool to do the right things at the right time2391Explore
First UsersFind out how successful startups got their 1st users2342Explore
CopperPassword-free signups. No social network required.2323Explore
NuageDomain names with no hassle.2215Explore
Sunrise MeetThe fastest way to schedule a one-to-one meeting2197Explore
App Screenshot BuilderCreate gorgeous images for your App Store page in minutes1995Explore
Automate That ShitWeb applications to reduce human-time spent on shallow work.1979Explore
RocketClubGet startup shares in the products you use & love1977Explore
f.lux for iOSAuto adjust your iOS display based on the time of day1960Explore
StockyFree photo, video, graphics & music for commercial use.1921Explore
#30DayStartupLearn to build and launch your startup in 30 days, for free1857Explore
Product PagesCurated directory of the best product pages1832Explore
newCo ToolkitFind the best tools to start a side project, without code 🛠1788Explore
Design Inc.High quality design work on demand from hand-picked talent1771Explore
Jukedeck 2.0Create unique, royalty-free music for your videos, using AI1739Explore
Amazon Dash ButtonPlace it. Press it. Get it.1724Explore
FinalNever worry about fraud, breaches, or cancelled credit cards1717Explore
FriendlyDataCommunicate with databases like a human1698Explore
Template StashCurated collection of best free themes & website templates.1681Explore
I Wish There Was An App ForSubmit app ideas. We choose one idea per month and build it.1678Explore
PapierOpen a new tab and trap your best thoughts.1668Explore
Great Apps TimelineSee how some of today’s great apps evolved over time.1633Explore
Zuckerberg ShirtIt’s grey and it always will be.1619Explore
Intel VauntSmart Glasses that look normal1619Explore
Hardbound 3.0Illustrated summaries of bestselling nonfiction books1613Explore
Cassette 2.0Record, transcribe & search user interviews, meetings, calls1575Explore
CharlieMake a killer impression on anyone you meet with1565Explore
ElucifyFree and crowdsourced database of business emails1557Explore
AstroAI meets email for Mac, iOS and Android1553Explore
FindoYour smart search 🔍 assistant across personal cloud ☁️1502Explore
SlikGet automated leads from a database of 70 million people 📊1483Explore
UI InteractionsThe best UI Interactions for your inspiration, every day.1478Explore
FinA new kind of assistant that runs in the cloud1445Explore
dataviz.toolsCurated collection of the 400 best data visualization tools1443Explore
MeerkatTweet live video in one click1443Explore
PingDigital business card1433Explore
StorylineCreate voice apps without coding1387Explore
App PagesCurated directory of the best app pages1382Explore
ArriveInstantly track all your packages in one place 📦1362Explore
Franz 5One desktop app for (almost) all of your messaging apps1361Explore
SwiftyLearn to code in Swift on iPhone & iPad1357Explore
Browser PopcornPopcorn Time in your browser. Stream movies for free.1316Explore
Direct by InstagramInstagram’s new messaging app1278Explore
SheetbaseFree, fast and fun way to build modern websites and apps 🛠️1263Explore
Popcorn Time In Your BrowserWatch movies instantly on the web for free1237Explore
HoistIFTTT for developers1235Explore
bemeShare video, honestly. A new app by Casey Neistat.1188Explore
SlackStack150+ resources to power up your Slack1169Explore
Hyprmeet for Zoom & OBSAvatar video chat app for calls & streaming1169Explore
Front-End ListA curated list of toolkits, frameworks, & resources1168Explore
Founder CatalogWhat the world’s most influential founders are writing about1164Explore
ZCastLive interactive podcasting with your Twitter followers1147Explore
Maker MVPRequest Product Hunt makers to build your MVP or product1136Explore
BookstckA curated bookshelf (+100 books) made by entrepreneurs1133Explore
Revue 2.0The easiest way to create and send a curated newsletter1128Explore
Startup ThreadsShip custom shirts to fans & leads without holding inventory1126Explore
Machine Learning WeeklyA hand-picked newsletter in machine learning & deep learning1126Explore
VisabotI help immigrants make America great again!1116Explore
RogerTalk with your favorite people, walkie-talkie style1106Explore
SeeNoteThe always on, digital sticky note1105Explore
MockuptimeRealistic mockups available for free1098Explore
Startup RetreatsFind remote work retreats for you and your startup1098Explore
LukaA.I. recommending restaurants in SF in a chat interface1094Explore
AutomaticTurn your car into a smart car1092Explore
AtinaSimple project management tool1087Explore
Bounce BarAdd a welcoming banner bar to your site in seconds1073Explore
Remote InternshipsWork remotely for great startups1073Explore
Beme 1.0Capture real moments from the world around you1065Explore
ConsiderAn email client designed to keep you calm and focused1061Explore
PokecrewCrowdsourced Pokemon Go map1059Explore
HacBook EliteFully functional Macintosh for 1/3 the price.1057Explore
Start A FIREPromote your brand and content with every link you share1047Explore
Sunrise for MacMac app for the awesome Sunrise calendar1037Explore
Awesome Design ToolsThe best design tools for everything.1036Explore
PLYLSTSmart playlists for Spotify1027Explore
Briefcase by AppSumo“Netflix for software”1024Explore
Customized Travel PosterA personalized map to remember a special trip1021Explore
SummizeGet a summary of virtually anything in seconds1014Explore
Random Useful WebsitesClick a button, find a useful website1010Explore
Numeracy 2.0Write less SQL, faster1003Explore
SelloSell anything to anyone, anywhere. A new app from Shopify.1003Explore
RepickWell-designed products from all over the internet974Explore
Apply To DateYour own Bachelor(ette) page where people apply to date you957Explore
Open StrategyThe best tools to help you build your startup955Explore
MakerbaseLike a user-editable IMDB for product makers944Explore
App Review MonitorApp Store reviews delivered to Slack and your inbox931Explore
Amazon RestaurantsFree one-hour local food delivery for Prime customers929Explore
Smartmockups App 2.0Create stunning product screenshots without using Photoshop925Explore
60 Seconds EverydayThe fastest way of daily journaling925Explore
Emoji BuilderCreate your own emoji in no time 💨922Explore
Astro 3.0Intelligent inbox and calendar for iOS, Android, Mac & Slack918Explore
Codesign.ioVisual feedback on everything916Explore
Responsive ScreenshotsTake responsive screenshots with the click of a button915Explore
JokerPaste your Torrent or Magnet link and stream the content877Explore
Atlas RecallA searchable photographic memory for your digital life875Explore
MetaListSearch, market research and track startups in your industry871Explore
bookclubA beautiful, simple alternative to Goodreads 📚860Explore
Plasso StorefrontAccept payments and sell anything from anywhere.859Explore
PeaceSpeed up web browsing by blocking ads & trackers on iOS 9857Explore
Extinct Startup TeesBeautiful t-shirts from your favorite dead startups853Explore
ANIMATE ITCreate GIFs and video animations easily in your browser849Explore
One Month SkillLearn a new skill every month with daily emails847Explore
SpruceSimple way to make tweets stand out with stunning images846Explore
BonfireThe new group video chat app from Facebook 🔥845Explore
WhatsApp for DesktopBeautiful Mac, Windows & Linux desktop client for WhatsApp843Explore
DropshopPick a file, pick a price, get paid843Explore
What Is My Day Rate?A simple tool to calculate your freelance rate837Explore
The Parking BookA book about the real story of Product Hunt837Explore
Explore Startup TimelinesTimelines of Twitter, Pinterest, Slack & other startups834Explore
The Product Hunt ManualStep-by-step guide & workbook for a successful PH launch832Explore
PluckSmarter cold emails for the savvy social marketer825Explore
Competitors.SiteUX patterns organized by industry. New industry every week812Explore
SkurtTap a button, have a rental car delivered.809Explore
Mail to SelfAn iOS extension to mail notes to yourself from any app796Explore
Birdly for SlackA Slack bot that does your expense reports794Explore
Startup FundraisingA collection of tools & resources for startup fundraising791Explore
Evolvr.ioIMDb for products & companies.791Explore
InkRock solid freelance contracts in minutes790Explore
PitchdeckersWeekly free pitch deck templates785Explore
Mailbox for Mac (Beta)Fly through your email. Now on Mac784Explore
UI PaletteUI colors, tools & trends all in one place780Explore
SignBotMake email signature great again767Explore
logos.pornSexy logos for your hot startup766Explore
GO CUBES Chewable CoffeeKeep your coffee in your pocket instead of a cup759Explore
SeedStore and validate your ideas in one place 💡741Explore
NodGet real-time reactions from team members on Google Meet737Explore
Reduce by Flawless AppCompress huge Sketch files in an instant734Explore
XbertsMarketplace for creative products reviewed by influencers731Explore
ShortThe reading list for busy people730Explore
AppStashHandpicked apps and tools to help create great companies715Explore
Referred ClubAutomatically use and share referral links for free stuff712Explore
ParallelListen to music with friends over Spotify at the same time711Explore
BladeCreate a professional Gmail signature in 60 seconds 💌708Explore
Conversational InterfaceBuild conversational forms with easy to use design assets.704Explore
DialogLive dialog with real people 🎙700Explore
CryptagonThe Most Advanced Crypto Portfolio Tracker 🚀698Explore
MailburnTurns Gmail into WhatsApp for work698Explore
Sketch FreebieCollection of all kind of Sketch app freebie resources685Explore
Product Hunt Launch ChecklistEverything you need to do for a perfect launch on PH685Explore
namewhaleGenerates modern startup names based on multiple seed words679Explore
ǝlƃooפFlipping search on its head679Explore
Stash of ListCurated list of all stash sites and lists678Explore
SunriseBeautifully designed calendar app671Explore
Uploader for InstagramUpload pictures to Instagram from your Mac670Explore
SignlTutorials for front-end design, development & more668Explore
EnsoMusic discovery by swiping left or right on song previews662Explore
AppStarter.ioBuild native iOS prototypes online.659Explore
Whale 1.0Video Q&A w/ influencers + experts 🐳 Now w/ comments!657Explore
AppIconizerIcon generator for App Store & Play Store submissions.652Explore
SmallBusinessAPIMake the uber for anything, or everything652Explore
FlexTimeSimulate a FaceTime call with your favorite celebrity649Explore
Startup Adoption AgencyA place to adopt startups looking for a new home648Explore
Plastc CardAll your cards in one device w/ an e-ink touchscreen647Explore
AlternoteGorgeous OS X note-taking app with Evernote integration.641Explore
LinkPotAdd clickable links to your Instagram Posts641Explore
Name2Email by ReplyGet any email based on someone’s name641Explore
Traction CourseFree course with 7 marketing super-hacks638Explore
Treatings (iOS)Meet the right people for your career, over coffee638Explore
RabbitsOutsource programming tasks as simple as sending an email634Explore
UptimeWatch YouTube videos with friends, made by Googlers628Explore
>weDigital business card and relationship management623Explore
FreeShare your availability and get more time with friends622Explore
Chill N’ SoundPlay and mix ambient sounds to boost productivity617Explore
AthenaCommunity-curated repository of 🔥 learning resources608Explore
Marketing PodcastsDiscover podcasts that can help you become a better marketer606Explore
MoviePandaDiscover and watch 15,000+ movies online for free604Explore
Pretty LinksThe easy way to customize Facebook link previews603Explore
Interstate AnalyticsMixpanel for advertising603Explore
WhiteboardOrganize your tasks and be more productive602Explore
Orée Board 2Real wooden bluetooth keyboard600Explore
Open HuntOpen and community run alternative to Product Hunt600Explore
Infinit on mobileSend files of unlimited size on mobile599Explore
Hunter HuntThe easiest way to find Hunters593Explore
InkCreate responsive HTML emails that work on any device/client592Explore
Closed ClubBrowse shut-down start-ups & learn why they closed down591Explore
BrightActionable metrics for subscription businesses591Explore
Online Web ScraperCloud hosted data extraction tool590Explore
ChatPayEarn quick money by testing chatbots for makers 🤖🤑590Explore
li.stExpress yourself through the medium of lists.590Explore
BeagleA tool for creating better contract proposals589Explore
Blog Compass by GoogleTrack views, moderate comments, and check visibility.589Explore
HiveFirst free unlimited cloud service in the world.588Explore
Foldio360Create 360º product images with your smartphone585Explore
Tab SnoozeBrowser Extension that snoozes tabs. Mailbox for tabs!585Explore
DropSubscribe to channels & get push notification updates585Explore
SpeakPush-to-talk audio w/ your team for Mac w/ Slack integration584Explore
WondrStart an anonymous chat session with your Twitter followers583Explore
GitHub AudioTracks events across GitHub to generate calming work music582Explore
Next KeyboardA better keyboard for iOS with stickers, themes & emojis 💃580Explore
HeartbeatListen to music with your friends together, on Spotify579Explore
Stanford NerdText a Stanford student and get help579Explore
TropicRemote team timezones in a simple UI575Explore
Fancy Footage ClubLooping, royalty-free videos for your next design project.574Explore
Open HabitsAn app to help you build new habits566Explore
PokéVisionFind all Pokemon near you in real time for Pokemon Go.562Explore
Nike Ad GeneratorCreate your own Just Do It Colin Kaepernick ad561Explore
Product SlackThe daily top hunts on Product Hunt, delivered to your Slack558Explore
Dead DomainsCurated list of ideas behind unused domains558Explore
Cards Against OriginalityCards Against Humanity app, free in your browser553Explore
Grove EcosystemHelps you grow fresh herbs, lettuce & fruit indoors all year552Explore
Git HuntProduct Hunt for GitHub549Explore
WordPress StackA curated list of WordPress resources548Explore
MomentumDelightful habit tracker for iOS 8 with Today view widget548Explore
ZCast 2.0Mobile podcasting, now with recording and landing pages546Explore
Meerkat APIHarness the power of live with Meerkat’s public API546Explore
Meerkat for AndroidTweet live video in one click, now on Android546Explore
ExtensifyTweak your iOS device, no Jailbreaking requried544Explore
ZoeHire talented freelance designers and front end developers544Explore
Doorman 2.0Schedule package delivery and shipping pickup ’til midnight544Explore
GraphiteDecentralized and encrypted alternative to Google docs543Explore
Maker HuntThe knowledge-sharing community for Product Hunt makers543Explore
Unubo 2.0Simplest way to deploy your web apps, APIs and databases541Explore
Google’s Star WarsChoose your side of the Force to transform your Google541Explore
CourageNever lose your AirPods again. Strap on a pair!535Explore
Ask Me AnythingThe official Reddit AMA app535Explore
Call FrankGet a call every night to record feedback on your day.534Explore 6.0Make awesome videos and share with friends 🎶534Explore
Minbox 3The next chapter in file sharing533Explore
Revenue NumbersA curated directory of revenue stats for online businesses.532Explore
Threads.ioTrigger automated behavior-driven emails (by SendGrid).532Explore
Neverstop by KarmaAll you can surf WiFi. $50/month up to 5Mbps. No data caps.528Explore
CowrkrBringing social accountability to work 🙊519Explore
Picnic MetricsA Google Analytics Dashboard everyone will understand517Explore
FamousBe the biggest fan. Be #FamousAF.517Explore
CommaA simple email newsletter reader for your phone516Explore
FlicLike Tinder for your camera roll511Explore
Reminders APIA powerful reminder scheduling API511Explore
KatchThe record button for Meerkat509Explore
TailorShow each visitor the best possible landing page505Explore
Chats.DirectoryA curated list of the best Slack groups for professionals505Explore
LinguicanLearn languages with music504Explore
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