How to Get into the Product Hunt Newsletter

What if you could get thousands of EXTRA visits to your website?

With 750k+ estimated readers, the Product Hunt newsletter can easily send thousands of interested people your way – all for free.

Not to mention, Product Hunt has a huge community of techies, indie hackers, entrepreneurs, marketers, angel investors, and journalists who can make your product fly really high.

But I should also mention that not all Product Hunt launch succeed, but you need a really good reason to NOT try.

Around 100 products are posted daily on PH, but only the featured top 5 get the most recognition. And, getting into the top 5 takes a lot of work (plus, a bit of luck) and a great product (of course).

The best part about getting into the top 5 is that your product will be featured in the next day’s Product Hunt newsletter. And, you already know what happens after your product reaches the inboxes of hundreds or thousands of tech enthusiasts, right?

How to Get into the Product Hunt Newsletter

So, what are the benefits of getting into the Product Hunt newsletter?

  • Increased on-site visitor count
  • Hundreds of new signups
  • Increased revenue
  • Partnership and other business opportunities
  • Chances of getting featured by big media outlets like Tech Crunch (don’t forget to create the press kit)
  • Getting mentioned by tens of other smaller websites and newsletters (we got a lot of mentions)
  • Increased brand awareness and people will get to know that “it” exists

Ways to get featured in the Product Hunt newsletter

First, let’s see what are the different things that the newsletter contains:

  • some featured stories at the top (it’s not clear how they select what to feature)
  • the top 5 products of the day section 💡
  • links to the previous newsletters
  • stories – interviews, announcements, news, etc. 💡

Here’s a screenshot of how the newsletter looks:

Product Hunt Newsletter Example

As you might already have guessed, your main focus should be on the top 5 products and stories section.

Here are some things that you will need to get into the newsletter:

Being in the top 5 product of the day

Product Hunt ranks products based on a complex (and, secret) algorithm.

And, the products that end up in the top 5 at the end of the day, automatically gets featured in the newsletter – it’s straightforward.

No one exactly knows the factors responsible for the rankings, but here are some key actions that have worked for the most people:

  • Early votes as soon as you launch
  • More upvotes, comments, and discussions
  • People clicking through to the website
  • Upvotes from people high number of followers

Sometimes, Product Hunt automatically boosts your product too because it’s great and they love it.

When our launch Personal Websites got featured in the May 5th newsletter, the traffic rose significantly. We noted 40+ users in real-time.

Curated collections

In the newsletter’s stories section, they include content that the community will find cool.

And, Product Hunt itself recommends creating content around your product.

If you’re launching a super cool mental well-being app, curate a “meditation tools that help you relax when you need it the most” collection. This way the newsletter editors will have something cool to share and they will give you a shout out if they use your collection.

You can reach out to them if you created a collection or have a concept in mind. They are very helpful.

Ask Product Hunt

Ask Product Hunt section is relatively new and is gaining momentum now. They do not include it in the newsletter yet but it’ll be a source of inspiration for future newsletters.

It’s good to start participating and engaging in the community from now. You can ask questions and provide product recommendations.

If you have the budget

  • Newsletter Sponsorship can be a good option to promote your product to a community of hundreds of thousands of readers.
  • Promoted Product lets you re-feature your product in the daily-digest newsletter.

📢 No matter how popular your product is, it can’t always win. Also, the Product Hunt system can’t be gamed so it’s good to use the standard practices.

Plus, if your product failed the first time, you can relaunch it after a few weeks.

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That’s it.

If you have a related query, feel free to let me know in the comments below.