Is Your Product Suitable for Product Hunt?

Launching on Product Hunt may bring many possibilities:

  • hundreds of new signups
  • hundreds of mentions on the web
  • opportunities to get interviewed
  • investors may want to invest, etc.

And not to mention, this can all be possible only if your product is great and you’ve launched strategically.

But before launching, you must ask yourself, “Is your product suitable for the Product Hunt?”.

Is your product suitable for the product hunt

Let’s understand this:

Initially, Product Hunt was just an organic product finder. Meaning, the PH users or the hunters used to list a product if they found it to be useful. But later, Product Hunt became a marketing channel where individuals and companies could list their products by themselves and gain some initial exposure.

Yes, a random famous hunter can still list out your product on the platform, but the chances of success with the random discovery are very low. You have to make a proper Product Hunt launch strategy to take the maximum benefits from the platform.

But the platform isn’t ideal for every kind of product out there.

Product Hunt suitable products

Product Hunt prioritises the products that are immediately available to use, download or purchase. And, the products that are not yet ready to use do not get featured on the homepage, generally.

Since most Product Hunt users are interested in entrepreneurship, SaaS products, and investing; there is an automatic bias towards tech and business products.

Hack: Enter * into the search bar to see the most upvoted products on Product Hunt.

The things that cannot be launched on the Product Hunt are blog posts, private groups, deal websites, retail products, private groups, courses, and other inappropriate links.

However, sometimes some weird products perform unexpectedly great, but that doesn’t mean yours also has to be weird. 😅

Product Hunt Suitable Products

Mainly, Product Hunt features the following four categories of products:

  • Tech Products – Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Hardware Products, etc.
  • Games – Mobile Games, PC Games, etc.
  • Books – Entrepreneurship, Startup, Investing, etc.
  • Podcasts – Business, Investing, Finance, etc.

It means, most of the time your product will be suitable for the platform.

And, remember that Product Hunt only provides the first push. Your product has to be great to perform better in the long run.