Proficonf Review – Best Tool for Video Conferencing & Online Meetings

If your business is not taking advantage of video conferencing then it is missing out a lot probably.

According to a report, more than 94% of businesses report that video conferencing increases their productivity.

94% – that’s huge, right?

Also, businesses are able to cut their travel costs down by 30% by using video conferencing for meetings, says a report.

Proficonf is one of such platforms which offer a real-time high-quality video conferencing. It’s a browser-based tool and very easy to use too.

I am writing this Proficonf review after using the tool for more than 3 weeks now.

What is Proficonf?

Proficonf is a professional tool offering seamless video conferencing experience with its adaptive communication technology.

The best thing? You don’t even need to install any application on your computer and it is quite easy to get started with.

Just visit, sign up, create a room and share the link with all the participants. They will be able to join the room just by clicking on the link – without even creating an account.

Video Conferencing Meeting on Proficonf

Main Features

1. Document Management

While sharing any document, you first need to upload them to a different cloud storage service and then share the link.

Proficonf has got that covered with dedicated document storage and management option. Just drag and drop the document in the side pane while conferencing, and can be shared instantly.

2. Conference Recording

You generally need extra software to record your online video meetings, but not while using Proficonf.

All the meetings can be recorded with just a simple click and those will be saved in the document storage. You can download the recorded meetings or share them with someone as a link.

This feature provides you with the HD video recording.

3. Speedy Room Creation

Yes, while using Proficonf, it becomes quite easy to sign up, create a room and invite attendees to the meeting.

And, the best part that I liked:

Attendees can join the meeting even if they don’t have a Proficonf account. Yes, all of your attendees don’t even need to create an account at Proficonf in order to join the video call.

Proficonf Schedule Event Feature

4. Calendar Management

Why use a third-party calendar management app to monitor your meeting appointments and other important to-do tasks?

Proficonf has an inbuilt calendar functionality which can be used in order to manage all your meetings appointment and to-do tasks. And, the management is quite easy to use too.

5. Multiple Modes to Communicate

It’s not built just for video calls but there are other modes of communication too. You can use the tool for audio calls, whiteboard sharing, screen sharing, to share media and any other file types.

And, these modes make sure that you make your point crystal-clear to all the participants.

6. Free Plan Available

Besides the paid Pro and Premium plans, the conferencing tool also has a free plan which allows up to 25 participants.

By using the free plan, you can always test out if it meets your requirements or not before going for the paid plans. And, there is no time limit on the video conferencing even in the free plan.

7. No Software Download Required

Getting started is so easy that you don’t even need to download or install any software or app on your device in order to start using Proficonf. You just need a web browser and the service works well even on the mobile devices.

Everything happens just in a browser.

Proficonf Review - Best Video Conferencing Platform

How to Get Started with Proficonf

You’d need to create an account in order to get started. And, creating an account at Proficonf is even easier than creating a Facebook or Twitter account – it doesn’t require a lot of information.

Just enter your name, email ID, and a password to keep your account secure – done. You can even use their social login feature and log in by using your Facebook, VK, Google+ or LinkedIn accounts.

Pros and Cons of Proficonf

Things I Liked

  • Document management and sharing feature
  • Inbuilt calendar and to-do features
  • Whiteboard sharing
  • Messaging and chat feature
  • One-click HD video recording
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Computer screen sharing
  • Free plan available
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Participants management
  • No app installation needed
  • Friendly and responsive support
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Attendees can be invited

Things I didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for webinars
  • No voting management feature

Pricing Plans

Currently, there are 3 plans that you can get started with:

  • Free – $0/month
  • Pro – $12/month
  • Premium – $25/month

Proficonf Pricing Plan

If you are a freelancer or a small business owner, you don’t even need to go for the paid plan. The free plan can do a lot for you.

Start Testing Proficonf

Final Thoughts

If you’re using video conferencing platform which acts even a bit laggy then you should definitely consider switching to Proficonf. The video call quality is buttery smooth and consistent.

In most cases, you won’t need any other tool to manage your online meetings, they have added almost all the necessary features to the tool. From managing your appointments by using the calendar feature to hosting your files to share during the conferences – there’s everything that you need.

I would highly recommend everyone to use the tool at least once and I’m pretty sure that HD calls and recording feature will hold you forever.

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