Apart from writing on, here’s a list of all small and big projects that I am working on or have worked on in the past.

Personal Websites

A list of 150+ handpicked cool personal websites. It will help get design and content ideas for your personal website.

It’ll save you tens of hours in research.

Check out Personal Websites

Aspiring Youths

An educational website for Indian students. It provides free study materials for various exams.

The website has 40,000+ monthly visitors.

Check out Aspiring Youths

One-liner Dad Jokes

Well, this is a kind of silly project. It’s a collection of super funny and hilarious one-liner dad jokes that will leave you chuckling.

Check out dad jokes

The EV blog. It’s a simple blog that provides information about various aspects of electric vehicles.

Check out

Free Blog Review

Get your blog reviewed for free. Send me the link, and I will send you a report on your blog’s content, design, and overall feel within 24 hours.

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Writing Prompts

A free writing prompts generator tool. The tool generates hundreds of diary/journal writing topic ideas and helps you become creative and imaginative.

Generate writing prompts