Raindrop.io Review – The Best Bookmark Management Tool

While saving bookmarks in the web browser itself is easier, it’s not the easiest to access them later and it becomes a complete mess if you take a lot of bookmarks. Plus, if you switch between browsers (like Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera, etc.) frequently, it’s very difficult to keep track of the bookmarks in each browser.

Raindrop.io solves this problem! It’s a cross-browser and cross-platform bookmark management tool that offers a full-text search for the saved bookmarks making it easier to access them later.

I have been using the tool for more than 6 months to save bookmarks and I have automated it in a way that it also saves all the tweets I like. And, whenever I need to access them, I can just search using one or two words that I remember of the tweet. (I will explain how to set this up, below).

Raindrop.io review

Raindrop.io lets you save your favorite books, articles, images, links, or any other types of files that you come across in a centralized dashboard. All the items you put there are fully searchable and that makes it very unique of its kind.

You can sort, filter, and show the saved bookmarks as lists, cards, or mood boards.

Features of Raindrop.io

Some of the notable features are:

1. Great organization options

Raindrop.io lets you organize all your stuff with ease — you can create unlimited collections (folders) or sub-collection (nested folders) and tags/filters are also available to be used. I use both tags and folders to organize.

great organization options

Also, the paid feature of the tool automatically highlights broken or duplicate links so you needn’t worry about them.

2. Automation and integration

You can automate and integrate the tool with hundreds of available apps through IFTTT, Zapier, or API. I have connected it with Twitter using IFTTT and it automatically saves all my liked tweets to a specified folder in the Raindrop dashboard.

3. Backup and permanent copies

There is an option to automatically back up all your bookmarks to your Google Drive or Dropbox account in a HTML file format.

With the paid plan, the tool saves permanent copies of all the web pages that you save and in case, those pages are taken down from the internet, they will still be accessible to you.

4. Full-text search

All the saved web pages are fully searchable — you can find what you’re looking for even if you remember just a single word from the article or web pages.

And the best thing — the PDFs you upload are also fully searchable.

5. Cross-platform

Raindrop.io has extensions for all the major browsers like Google Chrome, Brave, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. But… it also has desktop and mobile apps for systems like Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

This means the bookmarks you save from one platform are instantly synced to all other connected platforms.

Save liked tweets to Raindrop.io using IFTTT

There is an IFTTT recipe that automatically sends all the liked tweets to a specified folder inside the Raindrop.io dashboard.

Open the link and click on the big connect button, it will ask you to authorize your Twitter and Raindrop.io account, specify the folder where you want to save the liked tweets, and done.

From now on, every tweet that you like will automatically be saved in your Raindrop account. If you want to know, here’s how I use this setup.

Final words

If you save a lot of links for future reference, Raindrop.io is for you. It makes the process of bookmarking and accessing them later very easy and efficient.

You can get started for free by going to the official website linked below:

👉 Get started with Raindrop.io for free

That’s it.

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