How to Share Pretty Big Files Over the Internet

Sharing a really large file(s) over the internet has never been easier but it’s not impossible too.

There are many ways using which you can large, really large files over the internet.

So, let’s get started…

Methods of Sharing Large Files Over the Internet

There are a number of methods using which one can send or share any kind of files over the internet. But, only a few methods are trustworthy, secure and reliable.

So, here, in this blog post, I will be showing 9 best ways to share pretty large files over the internet effectively. I have listed layman methods as well as a few methods for tech-savvies too.

All these methods which are listed in this tutorial will you require a working and high internet connection.

So without further ADO let’s get started with the article.

1. Compress the File(s) using 7Zip or WinRAR

Method 1 - WinRAR and 7Zip

In case, you have to send multiple large files to someone, you should consider using free compression tools like 7-Zip and WinRAR in order to compress (create ZIP file) all those files and make like one.

That way, you will find attaching your file to an email or uploading to a cloud storage service considerably easier. And, the file size will be reduced too.

2. By using FTP Connection

Method 2 - FTP Connection

Before talking about this method of sending large files, let me first briefly make you understand what FTP is and how does it work…

Basically, FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol which is used to transfer files from one computer to another over the internet.

You might not be aware of this already but if you have downloaded anything from the torrent, then you have already used it. Big or Small, all kind of files can be shared using this method.

But, there’s a slight catch, you will have to a bit techie in order to configure your computer to be able to send files to another computer.

However, FTP is just a transfer protocol which is used to transfer files in an unencrypted, insecure but reliable manner.

3. By using Gmail with Google Drive

Method 3 - Gmail with Google Drive

You must be using Gmail, I mean, who doesn’t.

But, the maximum file size that you can send to someone by using Gmail is limited to 25 MB only. But, there’s a trick, you can upload the large file that you wanna send to the Google drive and send the file link via Gmail.

That way, the receiver will be able to access those files by simply clicking the link in the description.

4. Cloud Storage

Method 4 - Cloud Storage

I think this is the modern and best method to share large files with someone over the internet and simple too.

Just upload the file to the cloud storage you are currently using and share the download link by through message or through email.

Some best cloud storage options are Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega, Box, Onedrive, etc. but the free version of these services won’t allow you to upload very large sized files.

Below are the limits for the free accounts of some popular cloud storage options,

  • Google Drive – 15 GB
  • Dropbox – 2 GB
  • Mega – 50 GB
  • Box – 10GB
  • Onedrive – 5 GB

But, you can always extend the storage limits if you can spend a few bucks monthly.

5. By Making your Computer a Web Server

Method 5 - Computer Web Server

This is a bit technical method to share a file over the internet. You will have to configure your computer to work as a server and then only you will be able to share files.

You can use FTP, SFTP, VPN, etc. in order to create your computer a server. Here’s a quick guide using which you can set up your computer to share files by using the FileZilla software.

6. By Using any Online File Sharing Tools

Method 6 - Online File Sharing Tools

If the files that you wanna send do not contain any very sensitive information then there’s another simpler way to send large files.

You can use any online tools like WeTransfer, MediaFire, Send Anywhere, Droplr which allow you to upload your files up to a certain size limit and send to someone.

You will need to open any one of these websites, upload your file(s) and after the upload gets completed you will get a link which you can share with anyone.

Here’s a quick guide on how to share files using WeTransfer.

7. By Using a VPN

Method 7 - VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which is a private computer network which can be accessed by any permitted user across the internet and the user can copy any file to his/her computer.

VPNs are also a kind of computer network like FTP but are encrypted and secure. Generally, VPNs provide comparatively lower transfer speed.

8. By Creating a Torrent File

Method 8 - Torrent File

This method of creating a torrent file is probably easier than creating an FTP or VPN network.

You will have to download any Torrent client like Transmission and create a Torrent file by selecting the file from your computer.

After that, share the Torrent link to the receiver via Email or any other means. And, the receiver will be able to download the file by opening that Torrent link in any browser.

Note that your (sender’s) computer needs to be open until the transfer gets completed.

9. By Using the Team Viewer

Method 9 - Team Viewer

Teamviewer is also a great option for sharing files over the internet. For this, both computers should have Teamviewer installed.

Open and start the Teamviewer by logging in to both computers and select the File Transfer option.

That way you can transfer files quickly over the internet.

Conclusion/Final Words

So, you can clearly see who wins here… Of course, Cloud Storage.

Sharing files over the internet has been this easier. By using the Cloud Storage apps you can easily send any kind of files to anyone.

If you have any doubts or any other related query, let me know in the comments below.

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