7 Essential Steps to Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing skill has become essential for content marketers, bloggers, and researchers. Content is now ruling online businesses, information platforms, and educational websites. Promoting a business or a platform in search engine rankings solely depends on the quality of content. But how can beginner writers enhance their skill set?

The writing skill of a writer is evaluated by the extent of uniqueness and the contextual explanation of how well a piece of writing discusses some topic.

In that regard, beginner writers should perform proper research on the given topic and write with an open mind to share their idea in the form of words. In addition, it is vital to maintain the readability tone and writing style to meet the reader’s persona.

But writing is not solely dependent on manual learning and practice. Nowadays, technology has come to our assistance as a product of Artificial Intelligence. In this article, we will share 7 essential steps to improve your writing skills by following some basic tips.

Steps to improve your writing

The following tips will help you to write unique and readable content. These tips will help you to apply knowledge in your own words with clarity and fluency.

1. Get a grip on spelling and grammar

The first and far most essential skill for better writing is a firm grip on grammatical rules. Even if you know basic English, it is vital to be familiar with specific terms and phrases’ synonyms. A good grip on grammar will help you maintain a better, confident writing flow.

On the second account, you have to learn proper spellings. Spelling mistakes are the worst errors you can make while writing content. It ruins the reader’s impression, and they may not consider your written material credible.

2. Research and read

Research is the fundamental element of writing when you must provide information on a defined topic. This phase is essential since you must collect as much information as possible to include in your writing.

Reading the researched material will expose you to unfamiliar terms, words, phrases, and writing styles. So, to become a good writer, you should also be a good reader. Read the topic relevant to your interest to maintain engagement with the content effectively.

3. Learn to paraphrase

The paraphrasing technique is essential to writing, as it evaluates your writing skills. The chances of similarity are higher as you write content based on researched material. Paraphrasing is a simple yet effective technique to deal with duplication.

To improve your writing skills, you can take assistance from a paraphrasing tool, which provides several options and writing styles to rephrase the content.

Paraphrasing Tool

Most of the paraphrasing tools are powered by AI and NLP technology, which gives you several results against each input. Writers can constantly learn different paraphrasing styles using such tools to discover new ways of writing.

4. Keep an open mind

Now that you have secured a strong command of grammatical rules and researched well on specific topics, it is time to start the writing process. Brainstorm ideas using the information you have gathered from the content research.

Try to maintain your writing style and readability tone first. Writing content under strictly defined guidelines is not wise if it is your first time. Therefore, portray the idea in your vocabulary and writing style without putting pressure on your mind. This way, you can maintain fluency in your writing style.

5. Define a structure

Stating a structure before actually starting the writing process helps to apply information more easily. This step is connected with the research process, as you have to pick the main points from your research to define in your writing.

Creating an outline helps track your writing flow, as you will not forget what you have researched or written about. You can gradually fill each heading by defining material that seems relevant to it.

6. Write in active voice

Even if you have secured a strong command over grammatical rules, maintaining a direct writing style is essential instead of a passive voice is critical. Many writers make the mistake of writing content excessively in a passive voice. Such a habit ruins the readability of content and makes content difficult to understand.

Therefore, try to use passive voice as low as you can. Always maintain a sense of direct writing style and write in an active voice to keep things fluent and easy to read.

7. Look for similarities

Last but not least step is to maintain uniqueness in your writing style. Plagiarism is the worst allegation a writer can face, and it ruins your reputation as a quality content writer. Even if you have written content all by yourself, you might fall under the allegation of unintentional plagiarism due to the similarity of concepts and ideas.

But comparing content all by yourself from millions of web pages may seem impossible. Therefore, you can take assistance from an online plagiarism checker that provides detailed reporting and accurate duplication comparison from billions of web pages.

Plagiarism Checker

With a plagiarism checker, you can evaluate the uniqueness of your content and have the confidence to write unique content.


Improving your writing style is only a matter of practice, focus, and attention. Like learning any other skill, you can follow a step-by-step flow of tips to upskill your abilities. Writing skills have become essential for marketing individuals and online businesses.

Therefore, this article has shared a complete roadmap for upgrading your writing skill.

The steps discussed in this article apply to any niche for writing quality content. We hope this article has helped you enhance your writing style and tone.

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