The Blogs Database — by Topics and Authors

An ever-growing list of blogs that produce really high-quality contents and that I really love. ❤

I read a lot.

On average, I come across two new blogs every day. Whether it’s related to blogging, business, technology or anything else; if it’s an interesting read, I’ll note it down.

Earlier, I used to simply bookmark those blogs. But, as the list grew big, it was a pain to manage.

Now, I use Notion to store these.

A Screenshot of "The Blogs Database" in Notion
A Screenshot of “The Blogs Database” in Notion

I’ve named the Notion Database as “The Blog Database” and decided to make it public for anyone to access.

Also, please note that I include only the blogs which I find useful, interesting and worth reading.

Here’s the Database:

Ever came across any interesting blog? Let me know in the comments, right now.

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