Anthropic Claude API Price Calculator

Use this simple Claude API Price Calculator to estimate the cost for generating a specific number of words using Anthropic Claude APIs. Simply enter the desired word count below, and get a precise cost estimation, hassle-free!

Estimated price to generate 1000 words: $0.0078

The calculator assumes a prompt length of 200 words for each 1000 words generated by the API. This additional cost is already added to the final estimated price.

But if your prompt length varies from our assumed value of 200 words per 1000 generated words, enter the actual value below, and the final estimated price will update accordingly.

This calculator uses the information from the Anthropic website (as shown in the image below) to estimate the price based on word count. In order to do the calculations, the calculator assumes 1000 tokens is roughly equal to 750 words in English.

Anthropic Claude pricing

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