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Rookie Spark

About the Click Counter Game

Welcome to the Click Counter Game! This is a simple and fun web game that tests your clicking skills and provides a great way to relieve stress.

The objective of the game is straightforward: click the purple button as many times as you can. The more clicks you make, the more confetti you generate on the screen, making it more colourful and vibrant. Your ultimate goal is to fill the entire screen with confetti!

As you progress through the game, you'll be assigned a new level, with a total of 50 levels to complete. Each level has a higher target click count than the previous one, so you'll need to keep upping your game to stay on top. It's a simple but challenging game that will keep you engaged for hours. Here are the 50 levels:

  1. Rookie Spark
  2. Eager Buttoner
  3. Click Apprentice
  4. Enthusiastic Tapper
  5. Pixel Riser
  6. Click Specter
  7. Pressing Pioneer
  8. Galactic Tapper
  9. Terra Clicker
  10. Celestial Striker
  11. Digital Virtuoso
  12. Quantum Buttonist
  13. Stellar Presser
  14. Cosmic Click Conjurer
  15. Nebula Navigator
  16. Interstellar Interactor
  17. Hyperclick Voyager
  18. Warp-Speed Whisperer
  19. Celestial Click Chieftain
  20. Pulsar Presser
  21. Photon Flicker
  22. Alpha Centauri Ascender
  23. Black Hole Breacher
  24. Quasar Quick-Clicker
  25. Gravitational Groover
  26. Event Horizon Hurdler
  27. Star Swarmer
  28. Relativity Rumbler
  29. Sigma Sagittae Surfer
  30. Gamma Galaxist
  31. Exoplanetary Emanator
  32. Supernova Streaker
  33. Oort Cloud Observer
  34. Chrono Curator
  35. Grand Orbit Orchestrator
  36. Hubble Highlander
  37. Interdimensional Initiator
  38. Temporal Traveler
  39. Void Tapper Virtuoso
  40. Star Forge Forerunner
  41. Delta Dawn Diviner
  42. Paradox Pressure Producer
  43. Antimatter Manipulator
  44. Element Bearer
  45. Redshift Rupturer
  46. Galaxy Gate Guardian
  47. Celestial Singularity Shaper
  48. Mystic Matter Maestro
  49. Star-Flux Feat-er
  50. Ultimate Universe Unraveler

But it's not just about completing levels or achieving high scores. This game can also be an excellent way to relieve stress. You can simply keep clicking away at the purple button until you're satisfied and calmed down. It's a perfect game to take your mind off things and unwind.

So, what are you waiting for? Start clicking away, and let's see how many levels you can complete and how much confetti you can generate!

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