Top 5+ Best Linux Distros for General Uses

Linux, you are probably aware of the word… right?

Linux is a best-known open-source, secure, fast, and completely free operating system. There are more than 200 Linux distributions out there which are used for different purposes.

Here, in this post, I will be listing out the best 5+ Linux distros that are perfect for getting started with.

List of 5+ Best Linux Distros for General Uses

1. Manjaro Linux

Modern and intuitive UI, bleeding-edge rolling release, and AUR (Arch User Repository) are some things that keep the Manjaro Linux at the top of the list.

Manjaro Linux

All the necessary apps come preinstalled and the desktop environment is highly customizable. Manjaro Linux comes with 3 desktop environment variants – Gnome, KDE, and Xfce.

Currently, I use Manjaro as my daily driver.

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2. Linux Mint

If you are just jumping on to Linux from Windows, then this might be the most suitable operating system for you. Its Windows-like interface does not need many efforts from you as it looks and works almost like a Windows operating system.


Linux Mint is one of the most user-friendly Linux distributions ever. Either you talk about its performance, speed, older PC support, etc. – it just works out of the box.

Few daily use software like Office Suite, PDF Reader, Image Editor Calculator, etc. come pre-installed with the Linux Mint. It has a huge list of free apps for various purposes in its app store.

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3. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the most popular and most used Linux distribution of all time. If you are migrating to Ubuntu from Windows then you might feel little difficulties in using it but you will be comfortable after a few days of use.


It also comes pre-installed with some really important software and Ubuntu has the largest collection of the apps that you can install just in a click.

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4. Peppermint

Peppermint is a lightweight and lightning-fast Linux distro. The best part of this stable and secure OS is that it comes in the dark theme format which some of you find extremely fascinating.

Peppermint OS

It is famous for its low-end hardware support feature. This is the only Linux distro that I have used the most.

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5. Linux Lite OS

Linux Lite is one of the lightest versions of Linux which can run even on a PC with 768 MB ram and 8 GB of storage.

Linux Lite OS

You can spice up your old and slow PC by using this Linux based operating system. This is the Linux distro which can revive your old computers with low specs.

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6. Zorin OS

Nothing beats Zorin OS design-wise.

It looks beautiful and you have the ability to customize your desktop environment like Windows 7, Mac, or many more just with a click.

Zorin OS

It is completely safe, secure, lightning-fast, and is built on the Ubuntu Linux foundation and it does support a lot of games too.

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Final Words

Again, it doesn’t matter which distro you use, it’s all Linux underneath.

I use Manjaro as my daily driver because it is user-friendly, lightweight, and looks modern. It depends on your personal preference which distro will fit your needs.

It is always recommended to try these distros in Virtual Machine or as Live USB before installing it to your computer.

So, now it’s your turn.

Which Linux distro do you use? and, why?

Let me know by dropping a quick comment, right now.

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