Typefully Review – Twitter Thread Writing and Scheduling Tool

Typefully is a distraction-free tool to supercharge and automate your Twitter account. The tool has been created by the @mailbrew team by following the less is more approach.

For me, the main attraction is the minimal and distraction-free editor that lets me write long threads without using my mouse — much like a blog post.

In this Typefully review, I will explain all the interesting features of the app, what I like and what I don’t like about it.

Here we go…

Typefully review

Along with FeedHive, I have been trying Typefully for a few months now and I am absolutely in love with the tool, mainly for its amazing editor. I do not like shifting between the keyboard and mouse while writing anything, be it blog posts or threads and Typefully editor helps me with that.

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Typefully features

Some of the notable features of the tool are the following:


With the paid plan ($99 per year), you can schedule an unlimited number of tweets in the future. You can even plan and create tweets/threads for your whole month in a single day.

Here’s how the editor and schedule button looks like while tweeting:

Typefully Editor

And not to mention, it supports dark mode too.


Powerful analytics and an amazing dashboard are other features that you will like a lot. It shows followers, impressions, conversion, and tweets performance in nice-looking graphs. Here’s how the analytics dashboard looks like:

Cool, isn’t it?

Multiple accounts

The paid plan of Typefully lets you handle multiple Twitter accounts at once — the interface makes it very easy to manage several accounts.

You can even publish a tweet on all your account from the tool.

Share drafts

How if you could show a tweet/thread to your colleagues before it goes live?

Typefully lets you share tweets with a private link to your friends and colleagues before it goes live on Twitter. This feature helps you get any feedback on the tweet and avoid any spelling or grammar mistakes.

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That’s it.

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