Manager vs. Supervisor: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between Manager and Supervisor is that managers are involved in long-term planning whereas supervisors have a focus on short-term goals and objectives.

Before we move to more differences, let’s first understand Manager and Supervisor:

  • Manager: A Manager is a person who has a higher-level authority in an organization, they are responsible for the overall strategy, planning, and implementation of business objectives.
  • Supervisor: A Supervisor is an individual responsible for the day-to-day management of their team or department.

Now, let’s get to Manager vs Supervisor:

Major differences between Manager and Supervisor

Manager Supervisor
A Manager has more significant decision-making authority over their team or department. A Supervisor has limited decision-making authority.
A Manager has an overall responsibility for the success of their organization. A Supervisor has responsibility for their team’s performance.
Managers are responsible for setting policies and procedures for the organization. Supervisors implement and enforce these policies.
Managers are involved in hiring, training, and evaluating the performance of employees. Supervisors provide ongoing guidance, support, and feedback to employees.
A Manager is responsible for strategy and planning. A Supervisor focuses on operational processes.

So, these are the main differences between the entities.

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