How to Left Align Taskbar in Windows 11

By default, the taskbar in Windows 11 is center aligned (like the image shown below) and that looks stunning but sometimes you may need to make the taskbar icons left-aligned.

Windows 11 Center Aligned Taskbar

Generally, there are 2 reasons why you may want the left-aligned taskbar:

  1. because you’re used to the Windows 10 left-aligned layout, and
  2. because you’ve pinned too many items in the taskbar

And, Windows 11 makes it fairly easy to do that:

Left-align Windows 11 taskbar

Windows 11 Left Aligned Taskbar

The process of making the taskbar left-aligned in Windows 11 is very easy. You can do that in just 4 clicks.

Right-click on the taskbar

Right Click on the Windows 11 Taskbar

Right-click anywhere on the taskbar and click on the option saying Taskbar settings. The full Taskbar settings will open where you can do multiple tweaks to your taskbar.

Change the taskbar alignment

Navigate to and expand the Taskbar behaviors section and you will see an option called Taskbar alignment, click on the dropdown icon and change it to Left. And, you’re done!

This is the easiest method.

However, you can also do the same by directly opening your Windows 11 Settings and then navigating to Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar behaviors > Taskbar alignment.

That’s it.

If you face any difficulty, feel free to let us know in the comments below.