How to Combine Text from Two Cells in Google Sheets

If you’re looking to Combine Text from Two Cells in Google Sheets, you have landed at the right place.

First, here’s a quick video featuring both methods:

Now, here’s a detailed explanation of the Google Sheets formula to Combine Text from Two Cells:

#1 – By using ampersand (&) operator

=A2 & B2
  • The formula “A2 & B2” is used to combine the text from two cells in Google Sheets.
  • The “&” symbol is used to concatenate or join the contents of two cells.
  • “A2” and “B2” are cell references, where A2 refers to the first cell and B2 refers to the second cell.
  • The order of the cell references determines the order in which the text will be combined. In this case, the text from cell A2 will be combined with the text from cell B2.
  • The result of the formula will be a single text string that includes the contents of both cells.
  • For example, if A2 contains the text “Hello” and B2 contains the text “world”, the formula “A2 & B2” will produce the text “Helloworld”.

#2 – By using CONCATENATE function

  • CONCATENATE(A2, B2) is a formula used to combine or merge text from two different cells in Google Sheets.
  • The formula uses the CONCATENATE function, which is a built-in function in Google Sheets.
  • A2 and B2 are the cell references of the two cells whose text you want to combine.
  • The comma between A2 and B2 separates the two cell references and tells the formula to concatenate the text from these two cells.
  • You can modify the formula by changing the cell references A2 and B2 to the cell references of the cells you want to combine.
  • You can also add text or symbols in between the cell references by adding them inside the CONCATENATE function, surrounded by quotation marks.
  • For example, CONCATENATE(A2, ” and “, B2) would combine the text from A2 and B2 with the phrase ” and ” in between.
  • The result of the formula is the combined text from the two cells, displayed in the cell where the formula is entered.

That’s it.

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And if you get stuck somewhere while applying the GSheets formula to Combine Text from Two Cells, kindly let me know in the comments below.

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