How to Find the Nth Largest Value in Google Sheets

If you’re looking to Find the Nth Largest Value in Google Sheets, you have landed at the right place.

First, here’s a quick video featuring both methods:

Now, here’s a detailed explanation of the Google Sheets formula to Find the Nth Largest Value:

#1 – By using LARGE function

  • LARGE() is a function that finds the nth largest value in a range of cells.
  • The first argument, A2:A, is the range of cells where we want to find the nth largest value.
  • The second argument, N, specifies which largest value we want to find. For example, N=1 would find the largest value, N=2 would find the second largest value, and so on.

#2 – By using INDEX function

  • The SORT function is used to sort the data in descending order. The first argument of SORT specifies the range to sort, the second argument (1) specifies the column index to sort by (in this case, column 1), and the third argument (FALSE) specifies descending order.
  • The INDEX function is used to return the value at the Nth position in the sorted range. The first argument of INDEX is the sorted range, and the second argument is the row number to return. In this case, the row number is N.

In both of these formula, replace N with the integer value based on your requirement.

That’s it.

Other cool Google Sheets formulas:

And if you get stuck somewhere while applying the GSheets formula to Find the Nth Largest Value, kindly let me know in the comments below.

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