RRRR Framework for Content Distribution

Just hitting publish is not enough!

If you want your content to reach its full potential, you need to develop a solid content distribution strategy. It’s critical for content marketing.

The RRRR Framework or 4R Framework will take your content distribution game to the next level. Allow me to explain…

What is RRRR Framework?

RRRR framework is an effective content distribution strategy that helps your content reach its maximum potential. It presents your content in front of different audiences so that more and more people see it.

RRRR stands for Repurpose, Redistribute, Reshare, and Repost.

RRRR Framework for Content Distribution

Here’s a quick breakdown of all these 4 terms that you see in the infographic here:

1. Repurpose

Repurpose your content in several formats!

Content repurposing is the practice of converting existing content into new formats for a new medium or audience. It is also called content recycling.

For example, if you wrote a blog post about “how to make a pie” then you can also recycle or repurpose the post into a YouTube video tutorial. Now, the repurposed content got posted on a new platform targeting a whole new set of audiences.

2. Redistribute

Redistribute the repurposed content to several platforms!

Content redistribution is the process of using repurposed or recycled content to publish on new platforms for a different audience. It helps you maximize the value of your content and reach more people.

For example, you can publish the repurposed blog post about “how to make a pie” on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and even make a Twitter thread out of it.

3. Reshare

Reshare the redistributed content on social media!

Resharing is nothing but sharing the already posted content again by using the native “share” feature on the platform. Again, resharing helps your content appear before more eyes.

For example, you can use the Retweet button on Twitter or Share button on Facebook to re-share the content you published a few days ago.

Not all social media platforms have this resharing feature, and that’s why you have another benefit of reposting.

4. Repost

Repost the good-performing content on social media!

Reposting is re-publishing the already posted content by making it even more informative and catchy. Again, it helps more people see your content.

Social media prefer fresh content. And the concept here is, not everyone is online to see your content at the same time you hit publish. So, re-posting gives a chance to the people who didn’t see your content at the first time.

For example, after looking at the data, you realized that a tweet performed really well a month ago. Now that you know what kind of posts get traction, you can rewrite the same tweet by improving it and then re-post.

Final words

The RRRR Framework for content distribution works great for any kind of original content that you’re producing—be it blog posts, YouTube videos, or podcasts.

The idea is to make your content appear before more and more people.

Going through the RCOD framework will further help you with understanding the important aspects of content marketing.

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