UberSuggest : The Best FREE Keyword Research Tool

What if I tell you that the Keyword Research can be done without using those high cost tools?

Will you agree with me on that?

Well, here I’m to surprise you even more. I’m gonna mention a completely FREE tool to supercharge your keywording process.

I’m talking about the UberSuggest. Yes, earlier UberSuggest was used to be freemium and in order to use it, you need to goto their website UberSuggest.com.

But, Now, UberSuggest is owned by the popular digital marketer Neil Patel. He has bought the tool and added it to his website neilpatel.com.

UberSuggest the Best FREE Keyword Research Tool

UberSuggest is an excellent free keyword tool which suggests a lot of keyword ideas in your niche.

How Does UberSuggest Work?

You must have noticed that when you type and search any query in Google, it suggests some suggestions below the search bar related to your searched query.

Google Below Search Bar Suggestions

As you can take a look at the above image that I searched the term “movie” on Google and after provide a single space it started showing me some suggestions related to the term “movie”.

Now when I add the letter “a” after the term “movie”, it will show another suggestions. Let’s take a look at the image below:

Google Below Search Bar Suggestions for Movie A

It shows a completely different sets of keyword suggestions.

And, similarly, If you add the letter b, c, d… after your search term every time it will provide you another set of suggestions.

You can collect all the keywords this way but manually typing 26 letters of the alphabet is not a good deal.

Then there comes UberSuggest, this manual job of yours will now be done automatically by UberSuggest.

In order to use it, head over to UberSuggest, type your broad keyword (niche) and press enter.

UberSuggest Search Result for the Term Movie

You will be flooded with hundreds of keyword ideas within seconds. Not all the listed keywords make sense but some of them definitely does and some of them are really potential keywords.

If you want to include keywords suggestions from Google Keyword Planner, then check the option Google Keyword Planner from the left side check box.

Include Google Keyword Planner Results in UberSuggest

As you check the Google Keyword Planner option, some more great keyword suggestion will be included into your search results. Analyze these search results carefully and you’ll definitely find some great keywords.

You can sort the search results as per the Search Volume, CPC, Competition and Keywords as per your preference.

Bottom Line

I’m not saying that this is the only free tool available for finding keywords. There are few other tools for the same but some of them aren’t free and some doesn’t offer this much of keyword suggestions.

You must give this tool a try.

Any queries and questions are welcomed in comments.

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