Backlinks and Link Building Stats for 2023

If you’ve been in the SEO game long enough, you know that link building is one of the most important SEO tactics.

Search engines bots go through web pages and then decide where they should rank in the SERP for specific keywords — 100s of factors are taken into consideration, authority being one of the most important factors. If other websites link to your website, search engine algorithms note it as an authority signal.

And the higher your authority, the higher your search engine rankings could be.

Yes, internal links are also a ranking factor and can help boost your authority because it’s a sign to algorithms that you’ve thoroughly covered everything there is to know about a topic.

All backlinks are NOT created equal!

A backlink from NY Times would be much more valuable than from a small blog. Most SEO experts agree that backlinks are still one of the three most valuable aspects of their search optimization strategies.

We have prepared some interesting backlinks and link-building stats that are very useful to understand their importance.

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2023 backlinks and link building stats

55.24% of web pages on the internet have zero backlinks and 29.79% of web pages have less than 3 backlinks.

Search Engine Journal

53% of SEOs believe that link-building will have the same impact in the near future while 41% believe that it’ll have less impact.


Blogging increases the chances of getting backlinks by 97%.


43.7% of top-ranking web pages have reciprocal links.


Web pages having reciprocal links

Longer articles get 77.2% more backlinks than short articles.


66.31% of web pages on the internet have zero backlinks.


The average cost of buying a link is $361.44 and the average cost of publishing a guest post is $77.80.


92% of marketers believe that backlinks will still be one of the ranking factors in the next 5 years.


Cost of buying links

In Google’s search algorithm, backlinks are one of the top #2 ranking factors.

Search Engine Land

41% of companies consider link-building to be the hardest part of SEO strategies.


Listicles or list articles have an average of 6.19 referring domains which is the highest among all the other content formats.


42% of SEO strategists claim to be spending an equal amount of time on building external links and internal links.


More words means more backlinks

90% of marketers use different forms of content pieces to acquire backlinks.


Blog posts with more than 3000 words have higher chances of getting backlinks.


Web pages ranking at the first position in Google have an average of 3.8 times more backlinks than web pages ranking in positions 2-10.


Final words

To put it simply, backlinks are very important to a business’s SEO. Making sure you have a good amount of backlinks coming into your site is very important for its success.

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