Don’t You Think that Internet is Misused?

Yes, Internet is not only being used in a right way. It’s getting misused to the maximum extent.

Why do I say so?

Well, If you do not agree with me then you have not thought about it.

Radio took 38 years to reach an audience of 50 million, Television took 13 years and guess what…?

Internet took just 4 years to reach an audience of 50 million. Yes, it came like a Tsunami.

Everyone out there including school going children are wasting there valuable time in using Social Media. Yea, the Social Media is the biggest culprit. A lot of security concerns are associated with the Social Media (you might have heard about the Cambridge Analytica).

Internet is being misused?

Every day politicians use new techniques to provoke social and communal violence using these Social Media platforms for there own political gains. Elections in India and US were manipulated using the data from these Social Media platforms.

Dark Web is full of illegal things and child pornography and the government has no (hell no) control over it.

A terrorist group in Syria catches few Americans, ties them, cuts there heads off and populate those videos over the Internet… Shame. These things on the Internet just can’t be controlled.

Piracy is another issue which needs to be addressed properly. Creators put there valuable time in creating those products and the piracy does not let them earn even the invested money.

Few years back, a Hollywood movie called “The Interview” was to release after few weeks but suddenly it got leaked over the internet by some hackers group. Producers lost all their money and went in huge loss.

So, who are responsible for all this… creators of the Internet or Us?

How can these misuses be controlled?

I got no answer to all these, if you’ve got some idea then leave a comment below.

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