Notion API Tools Ideas for Developers

Students, developers, designers, content creators, or small business owners; everyone loves Notion for its excellent document management capabilities. And since the Notion API is out now, the possibilities seem to be endless.

If set up properly, you can manage your whole life inside the app. Notion can work as:

  • your website CMS
  • project management tool
  • CRM software
  • your personal library
  • notifications, updates & reminders tool

and, much more.

Here, I will be listing down some possible usage of Notion API that developers can create.

Please note that everything that I’m listing here might not be possible to create currently because… these are just initial ideas.

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Notion API Tools Ideas

Notion API Tools Ideas

Embeddable Notion Database

Much like Airtable or Google Sheets, if Notion database can be embedded on a web page then it’ll be revolutionary in my opinion.

Let’s say, you want to show a huge searchable, sortable, and filterable database (much like this) on your website. Now, you have two options:

  1. use an expensive monthly subscription SaaS tool like or sheet2site, or
  2. hire a developer and get a complete website created from scratch

In both cases, you’ll have to invest too much time and money.

But… if Notion databases were embeddable, you can create a user-friendly webpage within minutes.

Developers can create plugins for platforms like WordPress, to make the process easier.

Notion powered CMS

Platforms like and Potion are already letting people create their personal websites inside Notion even without the API. But these websites are not that customizable yet.

Currently, the Notion API is in a very initial phase, but once it gets improved; there can be a fully-fledged CMS platform that people can use to create any kind of personal or business website.

It can have features like:

  • fully customizable design
  • a custom permalink structure
  • searchable & filterable Notion database embed, etc.

Automated Notion Backup

Well, this might be a bit controversial but one of the very few reasons why some people don’t like Notion is: not having the offline feature.

Yes, till now, Notion doesn’t have an offline feature. Meaning, if you’re not connected to the internet then you won’t be able to view a single note even if you’re using their official desktop or mobile app.

Some people are terrified of Notion going down and not having access to any of the data. In that case, you can take regular backup of your entire Notion account manually. But… it’s not possible to download such a large backup file to your computer regularly.

There’s a need for a proper cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive) backup option that can backup your entire Notion account regularly automatically.

However, there’s an unofficial way of taking automated Notion backup but that doesn’t work all the time.

Wrapping it up

There can be numerous other possibilities of using Notion. The tool can be used for all the useful information that you have ever come across in your entire life.

For example, I collect the following things in my Notion account:

  • great emails that are sent to me
  • all the articles that I ever read
  • cool and useful tools
  • useful resources for learning
  • my personal notes on coding
  • cool personal websites that I come across
  • the Tweets I like
  • the Tweets I tweet, etc.

Some of the things I collect manually by using Save to Notion Chrome extension and other things are automated using Zapier and

Also, I am collecting all the cool tools that are based on the Notion API on a page.

That’s it.

If you have a related query or any other Notion tool suggestion, let me know in the comments below.

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