9+ Free and Awesome Jekyll Themes

Jekyll is an interesting way to create static blogs/websites and you can host them for free by using Github Pages.

Here, I will be listing out some of the completely free yet amazing Jekyll themes for multiple purposes which you can instantly use.

Here we go…

Free and Amazing Jekyll Themes

Beautiful Jekyll

Beautiful Jekyll is a beautiful theme if you want to create a good looking and fully-functional blog.

View theme on Github


Automatic is the best for creating a landing page for any mobile app. It requires very little effort to customize as per your needs.

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Online CV

As the name suggests, Online CV is a wonderful-looking theme especially designed for creating CV sites.

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Documentation Theme for Jekyll

If you are looking to create a fully-functional documentation then this Jekyll theme is for you.

View theme on Github

Jekyll Tale

Jekyll Tale is a minimal theme for create a simple blog site using Jekyll + Github Pages.

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Mediumish Theme Jekyll

Medium is an awesome platform for publishing blog posts. And, this Jekyll theme looks just like that.

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Jasper2 is an interesting blogging theme which looks just like Ghost.

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Landing Page Jekyll theme

It’s a multi-purpose Jekyll theme which you can use to showcase your products or services.

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Adam Blog

Adam Blog is perfect for creating personal blogging website. It has a nice and minimal homepage which shows all the recent blog posts.

View theme on Github

Hacker Blog

If you prefer a dark background and Mono fonts in your blog then Hacker Blog is for you.

View theme on Github

That’s it.

Recommended: Changing permalink structure, adding images and adding your Jekyll blog to Google Search Console

I’ve personally used most of these themes and was impressed by the look and feel of the sites.

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