Who is a Marketing Technopologist?

Marketing technopologist is a person who brings together skills in marketing, technology, and social anthropology. By investing in brand experience and brand utility, they go digital to create meaningful interactions with consumers. In simple words, they do not shout at consumers.

Marketing Technopologist

A marketing technopologist:

  • has the skills of marketing, technology, and social interaction.
  • studies how digital advances are shaping the culture and media.
  • breaks through digital tools to find new ways of doing business.
  • stays away from tools based on mass reach.
  • utilizes the convergence of media and technology in new ways.
  • knows his/her way around the language and culture of tech.
  • foresees the impact of digital technology on society and culture.
  • understands how cultures affect digital interactions.

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I believe, the word marketing technopologist was first coined in a WSJ article (in 2008) titled “The Secrets of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World”.

At last, can a marketing technopologist be called as brand manager 2.0?

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